Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of healing, representing the quintessence of the nurturing feminine energy. Ixchel Healing Arts Studio is a tribute to the spirit of the Goddess and home to healing practices and spiritual teachings.

Ixchel Healing Arts Studio started as a beautiful dream. A dream of healing for the Earth and for the collective soul. 

Born in the Yucatan, Ixchel Healing Arts Studio is an internationally acclaimed project that offers conscious services in Tulum, worldwide and also online.

At Ixchel Healing Arts Studio we offer:

Ixchel Healing Arts Studio is also a doorway into the authentic, modern time Mayan culture.
It supports and facilitates the development of ethical, sustainable projects in Mayan communities off the beaten track.  The studio encourages conscious people from all over the world to get involved and share in a respectful, mutually beneficial way.

When people look into each others eyes and their hearts meet ,there are no more cultural barriers, nor prejudice, only compassion for one another and the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And that is where peace on Earth begins.....


Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way
— First Nations saying