Walking Light on Sacred Land. 

A Modern day Maya Tale

What would it be like to create your own story and make it a real epic adventure? Walking in Nature while listening with all your senses to the seen and unseen,learning  Mayan healing and ceremonial practices and sacred mathematics,  intertwined with Ancient Toltec tools for living a conscious life, Earth based shamanism for dream work and the healing power of medicinal plants?

Mystical Tours take you on a journey of magical encounters, with people and places on the sacred land of the Mayas. A journey within to the depths of your soul, to retrace and reclaim your innermost dreams. Through the ancestral lines of the sacred temples, into the healing waters of Ixchel, joining hearts and hands with the trees, the birds,other humans, the very soil beneath your feet, listening to the whisper of the ancients, to the song of your heart and to the messages from Mother Nature.

On the tracks of the mystical  Mayas, weaving ancient wisdom into modern tales, with the vision of our  everchanging Earth.

A journey where the impossible becomes possible, where time takes another dimension and dreams become reality. It's a journey of discovery, learning and healing.

Although every tour is unique and intuitively guided, where no experience is ever the same, they all follow a common thread which supports your learning and healing journey.

Itineraries and activities vary according to the season, the calling of the Ancients , and the alchemy of the group or individual.

We offer tours for organizations, groups and individuals.

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Experiential Tours that make a difference

The Ceiba tree is the sacred tree of life for the Mayas. Its roots expand deep deep into the Earth and its branches reach high into the Sky connecting the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sky. Whenever a new community is born, a Ceiba Tree is planted at the center of the village for the community to prosper. 

Under The Ceiba is a  project that promotes local, sustainable and fair tourism (Slow Tourism) in the Maya territory, to support the small local businesses while walking light on this sacred land. The tours offer a unique experience for healing and provide tools for making positive changes in your life and the world. It is a unique encounter with the real face of the Mayan world, a day out of time as you know it.

The experience is eye opening; heartwarming and transformative; the local community welcomes you to spend time together in an authentic, respectful way for all involved. Time to get to know each other, look into each others eyes and share our most precious tales with one other. It is a journey of giving and receiving, in an atmosphere of simplicity and integrity.

To allow you to really slow down and make the most of the experience we pack less rather than more activities into the itinerary.

Itineraries and activities vary according to the season, weather conditions and to the availability of the hosts.

To protect the sacredness of places, people and ceremonies, pictures are only allowed in certain circumstances.

Please note that we do not offer ceremonies for commercial purposes.

We are happy to design a custom tour for your organization, group and for individuals.

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We also organize volunteering programs on request.These are unique indepth experiences of living in community learning about sustainable living on the land, the dynamics of community living, Mayan language and Cosmovision, and more. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

We welcome Experienced PERMACULTURISTS who are interested in doing a work exchange.  Please get in touch.

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