Lunar Eclipse

March 23rd 2016
In the sacred Cholq'ij, the Mayan calendar, the Full Moon this month falls on a day Q'anil.
Q'anil represents the seed. It's the seed that carries the codex for all manifestation of matter as well as spirit. The divine, cosmic seed that brings life, regenerates depleted soil, establish harmony and equilibrium in our heart and in our communities.
Q'anil is the slow, steady growth of what we plant in the earth and in our personal life.
The full moon in Libra with eclipse is an opportunity to send out our intentions for the regeneration of the Earth and of all our relations.
Libra is about relationships and Q'anil is a positive day for planting seeds that will germinate healthy and strong.
The recent Solar eclipse allowed us to open up to deep healing on the soul level.
Now the Lunar eclipse offers us a balm for regenerating and nurturing our relationships.
Light a candle, make an offering of water and flowers, honor the relationships in your life, the relationship to yourself, to the sacred cycles on your path and to the greater web of connections of which you are a much necessary and loved part.
May you shine your beauty and innocence in the light of Grandmother Moon.