The rising of Quetzalcoatl By Swift Raven

Tepoztlan,Central Mexico.
After a long winter of resting in the womb of Mother Earth, tending the seeds of new life, sharing the eternal love that keeps the balance in all there is, the great Quetzalcoatl is preparing to rise from the depths.

On March 20th the Feathered Serpent will emerge from the soft, pregnant body of Gaia to illuminate the land, the oceans, the atmosphere and all life on earth , gifting the world with renewed life force and consciousness, before starting his ascension back to the sky.
In the mountains of Tepoztlan , birthplace of Quetzalcoatl we prepare for the Equinox by blessing the seeds.
Seeds of abundance of clean food, seeds of power from our sisters medicinal plants, seeds of health and balance in all male and female of all species . Seeds of peace and awareness for all of humanity. Seeds of healing, positive change, of cooperation and integrity. No seed is too small, no prayer amiss, the dream of the individual has a place in the bigger scheme.

Spring is a quality of the soul, the will to renew and be reborn over and over again. As in nature so in our lives.
Take a moment to breath deep and allow your heart to expand. Bless your life and open up to receive the gifts of spring. Breath new life into the dreams that you've been cultivating. Express love and kindness to your beautiful self, aligning your inner and outer world with the energy of the equinox.
Join us in celebration on March 20th !
Wherever you find yourself in the world, whatever the weather, the landscape, the sounds. Light a fire or a candle at home, offer water and the sweetness of life in any form. May it be flowers, chocolate, incense, a prayer, a tear, a wild dance or a delicate song. Speak to Spirit in all things around you, by offering prayers to the world and to yourself.
May your journey through spring be joyful and inspiring. Swift Raven