Full Moon in Scorpio Mayan perspective

A powerful Full Moon this month falls on a day 12 Noj, sacred Nahual in the Mayan Cholq'ij, which merged with the energy of Scorpio opens the gate to unlimited growth and expansion.

Noj connects de Universal Cosmic Mind with the human intellect, knowledge, wisdom and spiritual knowing. It's the energy that allows us to grow and evolve as earthly and spiritual beings, helping us find our balance between our limited and our limitless self.
Noj represents fine communication in the physical world as well as in the sublime, the collective memory and the art of turning knowledge into wisdom.

Scorpio flows through the waters of our subconscious, allowing our senses to open up and our emotions to flow powerfully.
It pushes us through the boundaries of our daily life and into the depth of our emotional life, where we can feel, desire, reflect and challenge everything that we have and everything that we are.
Scorpio takes us out of our thinking mind and lets us play with the unlimited possibility of being.
It gives us permission to let go of what we consider futile to our growth and it gifts us with new ideas and vision that comes from clarity about our own truth.
With clarity of feeling and intent Scorpio leads us into action to master the art of co-creating our unique path.


To harvest the energy of Noj and Scorpio on the Full Moon take a break, switch off your phone, go outside and be one with the sky.
Make a Water Altar. This can be as simple or as complex as you wish. If you live near a body of water, that would be the best place to sit.
Take three deep breaths to still mind and body.
Open your senses to your surroundings, be quiet and listen.
If you want you can close your eyes.
Let any emotions come to the surface and observe what you see without judging.

Visualize or feel as your waters flow through every part of you, from your head down to your toes.
Allow your waters to break down any illusions or resistance to change, allow them to cleanse and regenerate , making space for your truth to emerge from the depths of your soul, bringing clarity to your mind and heart.
Visualize or feel as all the old, stagnant waters now flow out of our feet and into the Earth, where they will be purified before nurturing new seeds again, in the never-ending cycle of life and death.

Extend your hands towards the sky, express gratitude to Grandmother Moon and ask Abuelo Noj to descend upon you and bless you with its medicine, so that your experiences and knowledge may be turned into wisdom.

When you feel the ritual has come to an end, take three deep breaths and stretch your limbs.
Give thanks to the Energies that worked with you, offer some of the water that was blessed on the Altar to Mother Earth and offer the rest to your precious self.

Many Blessings on your Wisdom Path
In Kindness