Breathing into the space of the Innocent Heart

This month the Full Moon in Sagittarius is a gentle yet powerful Blue Moon that falls on a day 3 Kej.
In the sacred Cholq'ij, original Mayan calendar, Kej is one of the carriers of the world. With its grace, agility and strength, it supports the four corners of the universe.
Kej invites us to be gentle and have compassion with ourselves and others.
It represents the place of the home and emotional stability
It is the essence of the innocent heart.
Full Moon in Sagittarius offers a window of opportunity for seeing beyond the illusion of our limitations, have an honest chat with ourself and gain greater clarity about our needs.
Its energy facilitates communication with Spirit and vision of a greater purpose in life.
Finally, the Blue Moon brings in a gentle, childlike energy that allows us to lighten up the load and totally relax into trusting our heart.
Create a sacred space where you can make a fire or light a candle.
You can offer flowers and water, burn some incense and play some soft music if you wish.
Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Take three deep breaths, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth.
As you inhale, imagine or feel as a beautiful calming blue light enters your lungs and as you exhale see or feel how you release a heavy, tired grey smoke.
Call upon Grandmother Moon and tell her you are here to work with her energy tonight.
Call in Kej and visualize or feel as the area of your heart chakra relaxes and expands, making space for you to come home to yourself.
Know that beyond the limitations of the ego and the difficulties of life, the heart always remains pure and innocent.
This is a place where there is no doubt nor guilt, only the knowing that you are loved.
Sit with this energy for as long as you wish, allow it to occupy every corner of your consciousness.
If any sad and uncomfortable feelings or images from past memories emerge, breath deeply into them, releasing them as heavy, tired, grey smoke as you exhale.
When no more uncomfortable feelings appear and you feel light and peaceful, reach up towards the sky and visualize or feel as a fiery red and golden spiral of light descends upon you.
This is the energy of Sagittarius,here to help you express your needs.
Visualize the red golden light wrapping around you and lifting you up. Let go and be carried into the sky all the way to the Moon.
Once on the Moon voice what you truly need.
Like a child, trust that what you ask you will receive, because you are speaking from a place of innocence and the whole universe is here to co-create with you a life of joy and freedom.
When you feel complete, you can descend back onto Earth and anchor your requests by placing your hands on the ground at your sides.
Then place your hands on your innocent heart and give thanks to all that participated in the journey.
Take three deep breaths, slowly and gently move your toes, hands and head and when you are ready you can open your eyes.
Remain in silence for a while to allow the energies to settle.
We hope you enjoy the Meditation and we send you many blessings on your path.
Ixchel Healing Arts Studio
" Blue Moon Over Tepoztlan " image by Ixchel Healing Arts Studio