Medicine of the month : Jabuticaba

Jabuticaba ( Plinia Cauliflora)
A few months ago I read a post that fascinated me. It was about the amazing Jabuticaba tree .
I wondered whether I'd ever be able to see the tree live. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw it in Don Ruben's garden! Just around the corner from us.
My neighbor invited me to take some home and he answered my many questions.
Jabuticaba is a tropical fruit that grows directly on the trunk of the tree. Due to its very short life (2-3 days from picking ) it's only found in the regions where it grows. The fruit is eaten fresh or made into jams and sweet liqueur.
The fruit tastes delicious and the tree's beauty is in itself medicine for the eyes and all other senses. Jabuticaba is indeed powerful medicine. In fact it has strong antioxidant, anti aging and astringent properties as well as being a good source of important nutrients. Integrating it into one's diet helps relieve asthma, keeps skin and hair young and healthy and it helps clearing out toxins from the body. It is used to fight diarrhea , as it acts as a tonic and provides rehydration.
Jabuticaba is also a rich source of protein and a potent antinflammatory. Finally, Jabuticaba contains Jaboticabin, a very strong anti cancer compound which is being researched as a natural alternative to chemotherapy. And all you have to do is Eat It!
So we ate lots but didn't stop there. We made a tincture which in 21 days we will turn it into Microdosis remedies. I plan to take them to Yucatan where Mayan herbalists have been studying jungle plants for anti cancer properties, to support their communities in the face of this modern disease. I am also saving seeds to plant in medicine gardens in Yucatan, Guatemala and Veracruz. If the seedlings grow and thrive in the three different ecosystems, there will be abundance of Jabuticaba trees and fruit that will benefit the people and wildlife in those areas and beyond.
Cheers from the Earth Pharmacy At Ixchel Healing Arts Studio