Gratitude and The Flowering of Inner Balance By Swift Raven

In the Maya tradition there are three pillars that keep the balance in the world.

One of these pillars is gratitude.

I've been following the thread of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, a peaceful action of First Nations to protect water and sacred sites.
Different groups have set camp at different locations along the area of the proposed pipeline which would violate sacred land and jeopardize the flow of clean, safe water for many generations to come.
I watch in awe as people are coming together under the same prayer " Water is Life" and they are taking action in unprecedented ways.
More than 100 different indigenous tribes and environmental groups are gathering to do ceremony, express solidarity and discuss vital political strategies. At the camp of Sacred Stone in North Dakota the Defenders Of Sacred Water School has opened this week, to allow families to stay united through the occupation of the threatened territory and to teach their children to stand up peacefully for human rights and for all life.
The Dakota Access Pipeline protest It's an act of love that encompasses all nations. It's a call for all to come out of our caves, to join hearts and hands with one another and stand up for what really matters.
Water is life for every creature that walks, flies, swims or crawls. Water is life for the trees, the flowers, the very fabrics of the ecological balance on Earth.
Water is sacred and that is not debatable.
As I stand on a distant land, nurtured by the abundant waters of the rainy season, I feel connected to my brothers and sisters up north that are standing up for me, for my children and for the children of the people that forgot the ways of love and are blinded by the illusion of greed.
There are many ways to join the movement, many actions we can take, from sending prayers ,to show up if you can and be part of the sacred work physically, spread the word on FB or else within your networks and make a donation to cover the essential and legal expenses of those on the front line http://
Today I choose the act of Gratitude. I choose to hold space for the protectors of sacred water, in the United States and in every other country where people are gathering in the name of life. I keep a candle lit for them day and night, to give thanks for the courage, wisdom and peaceful example of the protectors of the water and of the Earth. The movement that is building momentum in the hearts of every original tribe on Turtle Island and in any tribe, ancient or modern on Earth is clearing the way for others to do the same.
It's poking old wounds in the ribs and saying " Hey, remember we are all one nation? it's been painful and it still is but together we can relate to one another with respect and appreciation."
Solidarity is an powerful medicine when it comes to bringing change to the collective consciousness, to give individuals and entire communities a boost of optimism, of hope and of simple, authentic love. I'm talking about the kind of love that has no borders nor prejudice. Love for the sake of it, for being human before human under the same stars.
The Dakota Pipeline action is bringing healing to many people, many places and many times in history. Yes we care, all it takes is standing up side by side because despite all the chaos, despair and anger, we still remember who we are and we still have the ability to recognize what's just and speak up for it, no matter where we are from or for how long we forgot that we are all made of the same matter and spirit.
This movement is an act of love and beauty and is weaving the multicolored textile of reconciliation.
It gave life to a new soulful dream that will propel us all forward with renewed strength and possibilities, and that will echo to the farthest corners of the universe to claim our rightful place on the planet as Earth Stewards and as a kind, peaceful and intelligent people.
So let's reach out, let's support those that are opposing the destruction of life and are expecting accountability from the ones who forgot the sacredness of life. Their actions are a reflection of our innermost hopes and dreams. Dreams of living in a world that it's safe, where food it's safe, nutritious and delicious, where water is pure and full of life, where we can think of the future with awe and inspiration. Dreams of a world where what's just is recognized and what's out of balance is readjusted with compassion and efficient tools, where governments and corporations stop playing the vengeful God and instead take pride in regaining integrity, in service to the people and all life as it is meant to be. A world where we can express our magic and reach our full potential, where there is abundance and sacred space for you and for me. It is time to believe that it's not only possible, but it's happening right now and there is no going back.There might be more chaos and pain along the way but the change is taking place in every cell of our beautiful world.

I give thanks for this new Dream and I ask Creator to protect everyone involved in the action, on both sides. Because non violent action is often met by violent reaction, I give thanks to the Ancestors for watching over their children and allowing us to find new ways in our heart for solving the long term conflicts. Let's hold space in gratitude for a peaceful, balanced and life enhancing resolution to the tension of this protest and for all conflict on Earth.

Let's sit in contemplation and dive deep into that place in our soul where we remember that all life is sacred. Let's take a deep breath and express gratitude for the air we breath, for the Rivers and the Mountains, for Sun and Thunder, for love and for life. Let's take another deep breath and allow our prayers of gratitude to fill up every space inside and around us, to bring balance to our innermost self. Then with another deep breath, allow the flowering of the balance within to expand and reach our community, the protectors of water, the sky and all of existence. Osda Negada ("Everything is Good"in Cherokee ).

In Peace, Swift Raven