Earth pharmacy

The Natural Emergency Clinic 

Feeling under the weather?  In bed with a fever or a tropical stomach bug? Dragging along with a long term health complaint?

At Ixchel Healing Arts Studio we offer consultations and prescribe remedies for most ailments, from colds and coughs, anxiety, headaches and jetlag, to stomach bugs, fever, insect bites, sprains , bruises and other accidents, sunburn, & more. Our remedies include organic microdosis(herbal  preparations) produced in a local maya community, homeopathics, tinctures, and freshly picked medicinal herbs from our garden. The remedies are safe and suitable for all ages.

Consultations also include nutritional, emotional and lifestyle advice. They create a safe space for you to slow down, relax and get insights into your long term health and well-being. When necessary we also provide referrals to specialists both here in Tulum and to a traditional Maya clinic, as well as to the local hospitals. In case you need to go to hospital, we can arrange for you to be accompanied by a Guardian Angel that can translate and support you along the process.

Consultations are available in our studio or in your home or hotel room upon request.

 For emergency consultations call or whattsap 9841166234