shamanic healing 


Shamanic Healing is the art of intuitive healing . By listening deeply to the messages from Spirit and to the whispers of the soul, the shamanic practitioner is able to see the beauty and potential of each individual, identify disharmonies and bring forth the elements to restore balance and health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Shamanic Healing dissolves blockages so your energy can flow freely and in alignment with your soul purpose. Life is a wonderful adventure when we have overall health and we can access our gifts to manifest what  our heart desires.

Shamanic healing is a safe,  efficient, gentle, sometimes life changing method that nourishes your innocent heart.


The healing begins the moment you step through the door.  Listening to the language of your heart and working at your own rhythm , the practitioner creates a sacred space where time is suspended and you can fully relax. Guided by Spirit, with the aid of techniques such as hands on healing, shamanic journey, energy realignment, herbal remedies, and sound, the practitioner holds the space for the healing to take place.

Sessions are intuitive and uniquely tailored to your needs. Shamanic Healing works with subtle energies, both from the earth and sky — healing the physical body and balancing emotions and mind, bringing clarity and restoring harmony in your life.

Sessions take place in Tulum, Mexico or in London, UK . Contact us to find out where we can see you.

We are on tour seasonally so get in touch if you want to know if we'll soon happen to be on your doorstep.


One hour session via Skype to get Guidance and Healing on your earthly and on your spiritual path, and learn new tools to nurture your innermost dreams.

Sessions ( 1 hour) US$ 55



"Swift Raven immediately was able to see what was troubling me even before I told her about my ailment. She has a innate ability to go right to the source of any disease or illness and heal on many levels. She was able to remove the energetic cause of my pain within my body, then work on circulating and filling the wound with my life force energy to support and protect the continued healing my body needed. Then finally she gave me invaluable verbal advice on how to prevent the pain returning and live a healthier life. I can only recommend Swift Raven most highly to anyone seeking healing on any level." Simon, Yeekame Health, Britain.

Swift Raven trained as a Shamanic healer over 15 years with teachers from the Maya, Toltec, Celtic and North American Traditions as well as with Teachers from the Star Nations and from the Spirit World.

Swift Raven integrates traditional and contemporary practices, creating a unique blend of powerful Medicine for the Soul.

A natural Dreamer, Swift Raven walks on our sacred Earth with an innocent heart and an open mind, planting seeds of positive change, peace and cooperation,  healing the individual and the collective heart.

For further information or to book a session, please contact us