cinzia sarigu

Cinzia, also known as Swift Raven is a natural born dreamer with a strong connection with the Stars and with Nature. She believes that the heart of Mother Earth beats in our chest all the time

Born in the ancient Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Cinzia moved to England where she trained as a Permaculture Teacher and Healing Arts Teacher. Her passions are Writing, Shamanic Dreamwork, Healing, Cultural Travel, Spiritual Ecology and Peace work.

Her healing practice is a unique blend of traditional and modern shamanism, including ancient Mexican tools, the art of dreaming and medicinal plants. She works with the subtle energies of the Earth and the Cosmos, intuitively facilitating the opening of the heart and the spiritual awakening in those who seek it.

A social and environmental activist from an early age, over the years Cinzia traveled through Latin America exploring the reality of modern times living in traditional communities and learning about their ancestral medicine. In recent years, answering the calling of Ixchel, guided by night time dreams and dreams awake, Cinzia moved into the jungle of Yucatan where she lived and worked alongside traditional Maya healers , shamans and social and environmental activists and was initiated into the mysteries of the Mayan spiritual tradition. Out of this sharing Ixchel Healing Arts Studio was born.

Cinzia now runs Ixchel Healing Arts Studio  and continues to  work as an advisor for ethical, regenerative projects in the Maya communities of Yucatan and Chiapas. 

Cinzia leads mystical tours, runs shamanic workshops and online programs and she’s  working on her first book.

Cinzia's vision is to create bridges to connect people from all cultures and together, each one in their own unique, creative way, restore the balance on our sacred Earth.



Maria Floridelma  is a Mayan Priestess, Healer and Teacher.

She was born in a Mayan village in the Yucatan, Mexico.  Her father was Rezador (Mayan priest) and Comandante at the ceremonial center. Her mother the elder Elma, granddaughter of a respected spiritual leader, supports Floridelma in preserving the local Maya tradition. 

Floridelma collaborated with the Academy for Mayan Language and Culture of Quintana Roo for 11 years, developing projects that helped preserve Maya culture in the region. Floridelma worked on the development of the language programs “ U siijl yaanal ka’an” and “ U Pektsilil tuunben k’iin”  as well as other programs for the indigenous radio Radio Xenka. Floridelma also published “ Aj Lu’um Kaab” ( The villager) and “Okja” ( Baptized), traditional Maya tales she collected from the elders.

In 2007 Floridelma began her training as an Ajq’ij, spiritual guide, initiated and guided by elders in Guatemala. At the end of 2013 she left her work at the Acadamy to go back to the land, grow food, raise animals and be closer to her family. By reconnecting to nature she reconnected to herself .That’s when the cosmic elders taught her how to read the natural and supernatural signs in the world around her, to guide her community in protecting the land and their cultural roots in the face of the tourist development in the region. She is now leader of indigenous women rights initiatives in her village and representative of Yucatan mayan council internationally.

Floridelma co-founded Ixchel Healing Arts Studio and together with Swift Raven she leads mystical tours and facilitates workshops. She also coordinates the volunteering programs in her community and offers traditional Maya healing.

Her vision is to share the beauty and wisdom of her ancestral tradition with conscious people from all over the world and she is creating a sacred space in her community for manifesting her dream.

In her spare time Floridelma is a “Vaquera” , a traditional Maya dancer part of a folkloristic group that gives shows around the Maya communities.