Personalised Learning Pathways



Four months Introduction to Mexican Shamanism 

Courses start Every Month on the New Moon

The course is fun and interactive and provides down to earth  tools for spiritual insight and profound transformation.

You will learn to:

Create your personalised medicine wheel

Open up to spiritual guidance 

Clear away negative energies

Greet the energies of earth and sky

Connect to your Spirit Guides

Plant your dreams 

The program includes:

One hour Introductory Consultation via Skype with Swift Raven

Monthly Tutorials via e-mail

1 hour Closing Circle with Swift Raven via Skype

Financial Investment $400 USD



One year Mexican Shamanic Practices Course

Ongoing registration 

The ancient Mayas and Toltecs left a legacy through their teachings for walking the path of the heart. The Mayas and Toltecs of today still follow these practices to honour the earth, all life and to heal the wounds of the modern world. 

Providing a unique blend of inner work and hands-on learning, the course guides you step by step through the awakening of the most sacred part of yourself that connects you to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. You will be initiated into the mysteries of the ancestors of the sacred land of  Mexico, with the aid of vibrational medicine to reawaken the power within. 

“The course is a homecoming to your heart.”

 Designed to guide you on your own unique journey,  the course in Mexican Shamanic Practices is an interactive system where you are the co-creator of your Dream.

The course provides the foundations of Mexican shamanic energy work,  earth based rituals, the fundamentals of applied Mayan Cosmovision ,  vibrational medicine, shamanic dreamwork, programs for personal balance and clarity, unique Toltec shamanic skills and knowledge for everyday’s life and to apply to your professional practice. 

Embark on an interactive journey through time to discover your own unique medicine and your life will never be the same again.

The program includes :

One hour Introductory Consultation via Skype with Swift Raven

One hour monthly tutorials via Skype with Swift Raven

Personalised monthly modules 

Ongoing Support ( Monthly catching up e-mails to support you along your journey )

Private Invitations to Sacred Mayan Ceremonies 

Closing Circle and Initiation upon completion of the course

20% Discount on Mystical Tours and other selected services (valid up to one year after the completion of the course)

Financial Contribution USD $1,800.00

Please ask about our payment plan

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