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Personalised Healing Sessions


Shamanic Healing is the art of intuitive healing . By listening deeply to the messages from Spirit and to the whispers of the soul, the shamanic practitioner is able to see the beauty and potential of each individual, identify disharmonies and bring forth the elements to restore balance and health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Shamanic Healing dissolves blockages so your energy can flow freely and in alignment with your soul purpose. Life is a wonderful adventure when we have overall health and we can access our gifts to manifest what  our heart desires.


Maya Healing comes from the ancient oral tradition of the Mayan Time Keepers. 

It is a gentle yet profound experience where you connect to your Mayan Cosmological chart and receive soul healing and channeled guidance from the Mayan Spirit Guides to get clarity and advice on your life path. 

FIT ( Focused Intention Technique)

FIT is a neuroscience method for overcoming trauma and healing emotions. FIT helps you transform limiting beliefs and negative patterns into emotional balance and restored self-worth. Sessions are gentle and very effective.


Unique Mayan Healing session with Floridelma, authentic Time Keeper of the Mayan lineage. The session is channeled and provides guidance, healing and a cleansing. Floridelma works with the energy of her ancestors and of her land, to help people open their heart and their eyes to the beauty of their life.