Shamanic Sessions

F.I.T. Emotional Balance 

"Cinzia immediately was able to see what was troubling me even before I told her about my ailment. She has an innate ability to go right to the source of any disease or illness and heal on many levels. She was able to remove the energetic cause of my pain within my body, then work on circulating and filling the wound with my life force energy to support and protect the continued healing my body needed. Then finally she gave me invaluable verbal advice on how to prevent the pain returning and live a healthier life. I can only recommend Cinzia most highly to anyone seeking healing on any level."

Simon, Yeekame Health, Britain.


Shamanic Session 

Connect to your Spirit Guides

Get clarity on your path

Be Empowered

Shamanism is a deeply transformative practice that helps you regain strength, balance and trust. It promotes overall health, helps you find direction in life and guides you on your spiritual and earthly path. During the shamanic session you are guided into a state of relaxation, then I  channel messages from Spirit and take you on a beautiful journey to restore peace and clarity. Drawing on 20 years experience in Mexican and Celtic shamanism, I use the voice, the drums, psychic channeling and ancient rituals to produce safe and effective results for your healing and transformation. After the sessions you receive further guidance and personalised practices to support you moving forward. The session ends with a spirit blessing. Sessions take place online, in person or remotely : Online sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded for your convenience. These include the energy cleanse, the healing and the spirit guidance. At the end you can ask questions and receive  personalised practices to take home.

Image by Aditya Saxena

Emotional Balance

Focused Intention Technique 

Release old beliefs

Restore Emotional Balance 

F.I.T. ( Focused Intention Technique) is a neuroscience method that helps you overcome trauma and restore emotional balance. With a simple 11 steps  process, you are guided to transform  limiting beliefs and awaken your innate resources, to have the confidence and vitality to live  life fully.

F.I.T. also directs you faster to your goals. At the end of the session you can expect to feel lighter, more clear and more positive about your life and the world at large. I first came across F.I.T. while I was healing from severe PTSD and  was highly impressed by the immediate results of the technique.

I then trained as a F.I.T. practitioner and now use the method to help others restore emotional balance. Sessions take place online and you are provided with notes afterwards.

F.I.T. works in cycles and it requires a minimum of three daily sessions initially. The first session lasts 1 hour and the consecutive ones last 30 minutes .