Walking Light on Sacred Land


What would it be like to Walk Light on Sacred Land?

Mystical Tours take you on a journey of magical encounters, on the tracks of the original mayans and toltecs, weaving ancient wisdom into modern tales.

A journey of discovery, learning and healing where time takes another dimension and you can finally slow down and listen to your heart. 

Guided by indigenous healers and teachers you will experience real life ceremonies, healing practices and jungle mysteries off the beaten track and away from the tourist crowds. 

We specialise in tours for individuals and small groups 

The tours are authentic spiritual experiences 

Proceedings from the tours support the shamans in strengthening the ecological and economic resilience in their community

Ask us about our mystical tours in the Yucatan, Chiapas and Mexico City 

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Indigenous Ceremony


A Toltec Medicine Tour

The art of curanderismo is the unique Mexican tradition of healers which goes back many thousands of years and has become richer and richer in cultural diversity throughout history. 

A curandero/a is the local shaman that heals people with powerful indigenous rituals and arcaic practices, at times mixed with Christian relics and mysticism unique to each individual practitioner. 

On this journey you will immerse yourself in the beautiful mountains northeast of Mexico City, surrounded by forest and wildlife, learning with a keeper of the Nahuatl tradition.

The tour includes a Limpia upon arrival, a healing session, teachings with the curandera and a Temazcal. There will be time for integration, for quietude and rest, for a walk in nature, and in the case of a 2 days tour, for deepening the learning and the practice with the healer. 

                The Curandera

Columba comes from a lineage of healers and she is a gifted herbalist, as well as a dedicated social and environmental spokesperson. Columba has the gift of clearing negative energies out of people and places and is very respected for her healing abilities and spiritual integrity. Born in Veracruz, which is known as the area of the witches, Columba has lived and worked in the state of Mexico and in the Yucatan. She also travels regularly in Mexico and abroad to speak at herbalism conferences. 

               The Healing 

Like all curanderas, Columba uses very unique healing methods. After scanning the patient, she makes a diagnosis and proceeds to clear out any negative energy from the physical, mental and spiritual level. Her sessions are powerful and truly transformative. 

She then offers guidance and advice moving forward, as well as prescribing specific treatment when needed.  

               The Temazcal

The Temazcal originated in northern Mexico, in the Nahuatl tradition and was then embraced by all Mexican cultures. It is a traditional sweat lodge that provides a truly unique transformative  experience. Through a ritualistic sweat you shed the old skin, purifying and liberating your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Our personalised Temazcal offers privacy and a safe, intimate space for a perfectly tailored shamanic healing journey. 

This Temazcal differs from the one in the Yucatan because it connects to the sacred energies and language of the tradition of the Nahuatl people. 

               The Teachings 

This is an interactive time of hands on learning with the curandera, about her specalism in energy work, herbal medicine and spiritual wisdom. Be open to the unexpected  and let the experience come to you. 

Working with wisdom keepers like Columba is different every time and for everyone, because every person is there to receive exactly what they need. 

             Financial Contribution 

1 Day tour includes 

• Limpia 

• Healing session

• Curanderismo teachings 

• Temazcal

• Refreshments and meals ( all traditional, fresh and healthy)

Price $ 200 USD per person/ $ 150 for 2 + people

2 Days tour includes

 All the above + extra learning and practice time with the curandera on day 2 + a night accommodation in a rustic, comfortable room with private bathroom +  full board ( lunch & dinner on day 1 +  breakfast and lunch on day 2 +  refreshments on both days). 

Price $ 300 USD per person/ $ 250 per  2 + people.

Proceedings from the tour contribute to the indigenous economic growth and ecological resilience of the village. 

This tour is delivered by an authentic indigenous curandera and it provides a truly unique, unforgettable experience away from the crowded, tourist route.

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