Mystical Retreats  

Mexican Retreats Summer 2021



Shamanic Adventure

Lunar Eclipse 

23-26 May 2021


Chiapas, MX 


Sacred Fire Retreat

Shamanic Experience 

Solar Eclipse 

9-13 June 2021

San Cristobal de las Casas

Chiapas, MX

Image by Anna Sullivan

Sacred Water Retreat

Yoga-Sound- Shamanism

 Summer Solstice 

16-21 June 2021

Tulum + Biosphere

Quintana Roo, MX


Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo in


Sacred Journeys & Retreats 

in the Mayan World 

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.jpg


Magical Journeys & Retreats 

in Avalon 



Mystical Journeys & Retreats 

in the Land of the Giants 

Due to travel restrictions, in 2020 our Mystical Retreats

were placed on hold, but we were not discouraged and we took

our lovely customers on virtual journeys to their chosen destinations

See below for our highly successful 

Avalon Virtual Mystery Journey


        Mystery Doors

7 Online Journeys 

5 June - 17 July , 2020

6-8 pm BST 

Woman in red cloak walking away.jpg

Through shamanic journey, hands on rituals, guided meditations and secret initiations, you will connect to sacred places of the Arthurian legends, the wild energies of Middle Earth and the frequency of the Stone Circles. 

Embrace magic and wonder, step through the veil of Avalon… and bring the magic home with you!

Welcome to our first virtual Mystical Journey

on the footsteps of Merlin and Morgaine Le Fey

 Whether you are preparing to join us in Avalon in flesh and bones

or want to connect in the spirit world

the experience will reignite the magic within you!!

Friday June 5

 Casting the sacred cloak

 The Sisterhood of Light

 Full Moon Ceremony 

On the night of the full moon we weave our sacred cloak, which will stay with us for life as a powerful protective spell. We step into the sacred circle and connect to the Sisterhood of Light, secret circle of Avalon Priestesses, before walking up to the mystical Tor to perform our Full Moon ceremony. 

Friday 12 June 

Sacred Waters

Sensual Alchemy

 Pan and the Goddess 

Journey deep into your inner world, find the door to the magical realm of the Chalice Well and the White Spring, and drink of their sacred waters, balancing the masculine and the feminine within and reactivating the ley lines of Avalon in you.  


Sunday 21 June 

Stonehenge and the Portal of Light 

Summer Solstice Ceremony

 The Sacred Grove  

On Summer Solstice enter the Circle of Power at Stonehenge, channel the Light from the universe and broadcast it onto the land, the water and the fairy world….


Friday 26 June 

 The Chamber of Angels 

Spiral Spells 

The Crystal Cave

Up and up you go through the spiral, into the Chamber of Angels, to read from the scroll of destiny and expand your vision. Down and down you go through the spiral, into the Crystal Cave, to retrieve the treasures of your heart.


Friday  3 July 

Deep Magic 

Morgaine Le Fay 

The cauldron of dreams 

Gather your wits and dive deep within to meet the witch that you once were, build a bridge and bring her in, to help you  retrieve your own magic. 


Friday 10 July

 Star Tales 

Crop Circle Activation 

Ancient Symbols 

Over the land we walk, feeling the rhythm of the earth, breathing the wind, hearing the hawks, all the way to the ancestors cove. Open the gate to the Star Folks, activate sacred symbols within your blood. 


Friday 17 July

 The Merlin Legacy 

Raven Speaks 

Spirit Roadmaps 

On our last journey through Avalon we meet Merlin down at the Druid’s village, for an evening of oracle and spirit mead, to get guidance for our magical path moving forward.  

The Journey


Lifting the Veil 


7 Recorded Online Journeys

Full Moon Ritual

 Secret Initiations

 Shamanic Journeys 

Summer Solstice Ceremony

Avalon Healing 

Spell Weaving Workshop 

Oracle Reading 



By 29 May 

Only £120 

After 29 May £145 

Pointed Witch Hat

Fairytale Price

Image by Jeremy Bishop