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The sacred feminine in ancient times


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A magical journey through the island of Sardinia to discover the ancient sanctuaries dedicated to the Great Goddess: Mother, Earth, Goddess of Life and Death, the birth and regeneration of Nature. 

A fascinating journey through the sites that witnessed the worship of the Great Goddess across centuries. 

The veneration of the  terrestrial and heavenly feminine principle, linked to life and death, and other aspects related to these cults in antiquity will be explored, through archaeological evidence, artistic representations and mythology, in this experiential tour that makes On the Traces of the Goddess a real personal experience. 

Connecting to the archetype of the sacred feminine within you, with guided meditations, group sharing and hands on archeological exploration, you will dive deep within and rediscover the Goddess inside you. 

The tour is led by  Ilaria Montis, archaeologist, licensed tour guide of the Regional Register of tourist guides, museum educator and mindfulness teacher.


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DAY 1 

Monte d'Accoddi – Ossi – Tula 

Morning: "The great Neolithic Goddess and the sanctuary of Monte d'Accoddi". The journey begins in one of the most extraordinary sites of Sardinia, the terraced altar, or ziggurat of Monte d'Accoddi, a temple unique in Europe and in the Mediterranean, dating back to the Neolithic.

Afternoon: “In the womb of the Goddess, death and rebirth”. Visit to the “Domus de Janas” ( prehistoric fairy houses) of Mesu and Montes and S'Adde Asile, where we will discover , through the symbols carved in the ancient rock tombs, how the great Goddess watched over life and death.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Pedru Caddu farmhouse in Tula

DAY 2 

Oschiri – Tula

Morning: "The rock altar and the site of Santo Stefano: possible connections to the cult of the Goddess". A mysterious site, a real enigma for scholars, difficult to date and understand, the site evokes sacredness , confirmed by the presence of the Domus de Janas and by the devotion expressed by the church up to this day. Here, we will explore possible connections to the cult of the Goddess via these mysterious stones and symbols.

Afternoon: Held by the extraordinary peace of the surrounding countryside we will gather in contemplation, guided meditation and sharing. We will end the evening with a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Castro.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Pedru Caddu farmhouse in Tula


Paulilatino– Cagliari 

Morning "Water, the Goddess, and the Moon”, visit to the Archaeological Park of Santa Cristina (Paulilatino). The sacred well of Santa Cristina represents the most extraordinary architectonic example of a water temple, a place dedicated to the "cult of the waters" in the Nuragic age. The water, a sacred element linked to the feminine, is intimately connected to the Moon in the conception of the ancients, as documented by the results of archaeo-astronomical research which have shown its significance as a "lunar observatory".

Afternoon: "The Nuraghe and the cult of the Goddess Demeter”, visit to the Nuraghe Lugherras (Paulilatino). The Lugherras nuraghe is an outstanding example of religious syncretism since in the Punic age it was used as a temple of the Goddess Demeter, whose name means Mother Earth, the Goddess of Messi, of nourishment and abundance, one of the Goddesses who in the classical age has preserved more aspects of the ancient Mediterranean Mother Goddess. 

Dinner and overnight stay in Cagliari.

DAY 4 


Morning: "The Face of the Goddess"  a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, which brings together many of the most outstanding examples of prehistoric female depictions from Sardinia. The museum has a vast collection of images of the Goddess through history that represent all aspects of the feminine: statuettes, statues, stele and other representations.

Afternoon: “La Sella del Diavolo” , excursion to the promontory of Sella del Diavolo, one of the most evocative places in Cagliari, which in ancient times hosted the temple of Astarte-Venus Ericina, whose cult spun from  the East to the Mediterranean, Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

This will be the completion of our sacred journey, there will be a closing circle, space for sharing and goodbyes. 


An Ancient Science

Ilaria Montis, archaeologist, graduated and specialized at the University of Pisa in Near Eastern Archeology, she then obtained a master's degree in Geotechnology for Archeology at the University of Siena and a Ph.D. in Sciences and Technologies for Archeology and Cultural Heritage at the University of Ferrara. Ilaria worked from 2010 to 2014 as a research fellow at the University of Cagliari, Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory, as well as a freelance archeologist. Author of numerous scientific publications, she currently carries out independent research on the archeology of the sacred, combining her interest in ancient and contemporary spirituality with the skills of archaeologist. In order to disseminate the understanding of ancient sacred sites through the testimonies of archeology, Ilaria created Sardinia Sacra, a project that provides excursions, trips, conferences, seminars, and publications on the theme of sacred archeology.


Groups of 8+ £ 420 per person

Groups of 3-7 £ 774 per person

Couples £ 1,050 per person 

Individual £ 1,915 ( single occupancy accommodation) 

Price includes

Specialised archeological visits to sacred sites

In depth and personalised exploration of the tour theme 

Mindfulness practices 


Entrance to sites

2 nights shared accommodation, dinner and breakfast in a traditional agriturismo (farmhouse) 

1 night shared accommodation and dinner at hotel in the capital city of Cagliari

Land transportation ( only available for Couples and Individual tours )

Price does not include 

Air or water fares to and from the island

Lunch, packed lunches, snacks and any other meal not stated

Land transportation for groups of 3+ 

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