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JUNE 4-10, 2020



A story of universal lore

The story of King Arthur and Merlin the wizard is part of human imagination like any  fairy tales , only that this...may be real after all. 

People come to England from the four corners of the world,  following a trail that seems ever elusive , yet almost palpable to the senses. Ruined medieval castles and remote megalithic stones dot the tranquil landscape,  while the wild energies run across land and water, carrying the wisdom of the wizards of Avalon. The signs are still there for the one who can see with the raven’s eye and hear with the hare’s instinct. The witches are there too, did you think they had left? They may be disguised behind modern looks, but not for long, not at night...

“With a twist and a turn and some magical gear, you may see for yourself, let your doubts disappear! “


If you’ve always been fascinated by the Avalon stories come and join us this summer and see for yourself. Travel through the English countryside visiting places of magic and wonder, places of worship from pagan times and modern temples to the Goddess and Pan. Connect to the landscape, to the rocks and the wind, to the sacred wells and the Fay within. 

 Come with us on the road to Camelot, let us tickle your imagination and awaken your memories...



Day 1: Stonehenge and the Circle of Light

We leave London in the morning and spend the day at the world renowned site of Stonehenge, where up to this day ceremonies are held by the druids. We then travel forward to Glastonbury where we check into a local b&b.

Day 2: Full Moon ceremony on the Glastonbury Tor

 On day two we spent the morning preparing  for the Full Moon ceremony like witches do. We break for lunch  then spend the afternoon exploring the village of Glastonbury, with its quirky high street where you can find anything from old spells books to witches cloaks, crystal balls and elves ears ( for real). Then at dusk we begin walking up the hill to the timeless portal of Avalon, the Glastonbury Tor.

Day 3:  Sacred waters

This is a day of introspection, we go slow and we go deep, balancing the masculine and the feminine within at the Chalice Well and at the White Spring. The red and the White Spring are famous worldwide for their healing waters and for making miracles happen. We drink, pray and bathe, purifying and reactivating the ley lines in our mind, heart and womb.  

 Day 4: Wells and the Chamber of Angels

 A day trip to the nearby town of Wells to visit its state of the art cathedral and grounds, and connect to the angelic realms in the chamber of angels. We visit the town centre before returning to Glastonbury for the evening. 

 Day 5: Glastonbury Abbey, resting place of King Arthur

 On our last day in Glastonbury we pay homage to King Arthur’s grave in the grounds of the ruined Abbey, where myth and legend intertwin with modern time. 

Day 6: Avebury, the Druids village

On day 6 we leave Glastonbury  in the morning and travel down to Avebury, completing the sacred triangle ( Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury ). We spend the day inside the stone circle, on the tracks of the druids. We break for lunch at the local pub  and then explore the tiny village and its magical Henge gift shop. We check in for the night at a local traditional bed & breakfast. 

Day 7: Silbury Hill,  cradle of the Crop Circles 

On our last day together we visit the West Kennet long barrow and Silbury Hill, both very sacred prehistoric sites and epicenter of crop circle formations. We bring offerings to the ancestors to give thanks for the gifts received during the journey. And if we are lucky...we might witness a fresh crop formation! 

( Please note that we cannot guarantee we will see a crop circle because the Galactic Council doesn’t take bookings!) 

We conclude our  adventure in the afternoon and make our way back to London. 


At the mouth of the sacred well

Rooting deep into Mother Earth

Open eyes heart and ears 

step into magic, right now...right here








Walking Light on Sacred Land is a deeply transformational shamanic experience.

A 9 days journey off the beaten track in the land of Ixchel, mayan Goddess of healing and rebirth. 

A journey of slowing down 

forget about the social media let your senses breath and awake

 guided by the sounds of nature, the healing waters and the magic of the ceremonies

 Make space within to rediscover and reignite your personal power…


contribute to the development of an indigenous ceremonial centre in the jungle of Yucatan. 

Can it get better than this?

 You bet

 This is just the beginning….


Day 1:

Arrivals and check in at Holistika Tulum


Opening Circle 

Day 2:

Morning meditation 

Introduction to the Mayan Cosmovision ( mayan shamanism)


The Mayan Medicine Wheel

Shamanic Journeys


Evening Meditation

Day 3:

The Heart of the Sky, visit to the pyramids of Coba and Initiation of the Abuelo Iq, the Wind God.


The Heart of the Underworld, ritual in the sacred waters of the Cenote

Return to Tulum 


Evening Meditation

Day 4:

The Heart of the Earth, a Day Out of Time at the mayan ceremonial centre : 

Limpia ( auric cleanse)

Greeting the Ceiba Tree ( Tree of life)

Living Pharmacy Walk ( discover the medicinal plants of the jungle) 

Lunch & siesta 

The Janaal Pixan (the tradition of the Day of the dead , storytelling )

Temazcal ( ceremonial sweat lodge) 

Light Dinner

Night in the jungle ( in hammocks at the ceremonial centre) 

Day 5: 

Sunrise Fire Ceremony ( ancestral mayan fire ceremony) 

Visit to a modern day mayan Sanctuary 

Lunch in the mayan village of Uh May 

Visit to the project under development of the ceremonial centre that your financial contribution supports 

Return to Tulum 

Day 6:

Free morning 

Transfer via water to Xo K’iin, eco-spiritual retreat centre inside Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Settling in & beach time  


Shamanic Dreaming

Day 7:

Integrating the experience, a day of pre-hispanic energy practices

Day 8: 

Return to Tulum ( early morning lagoon crossing) 

Free day 

Day 9 : 

Sunrise meditation at Tulum temples

Closing Circle and ending. 


Cinzia Sarigu was born in Sardinia and lives abroad since 1995. Since 2000 she has studied and practiced shamanism, having lived with various indigenous communities in Mexico and Guatemala, and she was initiated into the Mayan and Toltec mysteries, which allowed her, over the years, to help heal hundreds of people from many different cultures. In 2014 she co-founded Ixchel Healing Arts, an itinerant project that offers shamanic courses, eco-spiritual adventures and healing paths for the soul. Cinzia has a background in social and environmental activism, and has been in the past a Permaculture teacher. Ecology and spirituality are the basis of her work. Cinzia organises ceremonies to heal water and land in various parts of the world. 

Cinzia will stay with the group for the duration of the journey, as tutor, spiritual counsellor and interpreter. 

Floridelma Chi Poot was born in Yucatàn and worked for a Mayan language school, for which she published traditional story books. Mayan priestess and descendant of spiritual leaders, Floridelma is a spiritual and political spokesperson of her village and in the region, where she has been involved in the creation of women's cooperatives, indigenous cultural projects and environmental conservation. Co-founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Floridelma is currently developing a ceremonial and cultural centre in her community, to receive people who want to learn the mysteries of the Mayan cosmovision, and those who simply seek physical or spiritual healing. 

Anna Woods was born in the United States and has lived between Canada and Yucatan for more than 30 years. Anna is an artist , practising buddhist and activist, who had a long and adventurous life. She is the founder of Xo Ki’in, a non-profit and eco-spiritual retreat centre off grid, where she hosts spiritual events with teachers from all over the world. Anna dedicates her life to safeguarding the delicate equilibrium of the biosphere of Sian Ka’an and over the years has launched many art and sustainability projects with the Mayan community of the nearby fishing village of Punta Allen.


9 Days Mayan Shamanic Experience  

EARLY BIRD £ 945/$1200 USD by May 30th

 £1,200 /$1500 USD After May 30th 

 50% Deposit to secure your place 

Maximum 12 people to preserve the intimacy of the experience 

Price includes:

8 nights accommodation

Meals in the Mayan ceremonial centre

 Lunch in the mayan village

Meals at Xo Ki’in eco-spiritual retreat centre

Workshops, meditations & ceremonies

Land and water transportation throughout the journey



Entrance to all sites 

Guide & Interpreter

Donation to the ceremonial centre project 

The price does not include: Airfares, airport transfers ( we can arrange this for you at an extra cost), meals not specified above, health & travel insurance, private healing sessions, extra excursions, anything else not above specified .




 10-18 NOVEMBER 2019