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JOURNEY THROUGH XIBALBA Jaguar Medicine for a changing world

It has been an enriching month in the Sacred Land of the Chol, Tzeltal y Tzotzil Maya of Chiapas. It's also been eye opening and scary at times as I found myself in the midst of some very critical conflict. I witnessed raw violence and a strong sense of danger.

I questioned why Spirit was placing me in situations with such a low vibration and that were life threatening to me? I learned that in this time of crisis, the ones of us who are ready and willing are called to step into action. Spirit wanted me to experience what's going on in the hearts of my fellow human beings so that I can be present and hold space. So that I can stand side by side with them and take action if required in new ways. I feel grateful for having navigated safely through and for the experience that gave me plenty of opportunities to reflect on the strong and extreme energies at work on the planet right now. The Ancients prepared us for this time when the changes would cause turmoil. It's a necessary process while the Primordial Waters stir and release all the stuck negative emotions from the womb of Mother Earth and from the soul of every human being. It's a healing crisis that allows us to liberate and purify our heart, shake off the old structures that serve no more and walk lightly into the New Time. Everything in this physical reality goes through Xibalba ( The Underworld )before emerging into the light. As we step into the Light of the Fifth Sun we still have to go through the darkness of our soul and come out clean and clear at the other end. We are releasing thousands of years of stuck energy, shaking up and waking up and in doing so, making lots of ripples that cause the chaos we may witness and experience. But Light and Dark cohabit in balance and they are both not only necessary but one and the same. In fact both Light and Dark are a polarised manifestation of the Light. They exist side by side since the beginning of time as we know it and they both have their role and value. This makes possible that, parallel to all the despair and confusion, another phenomenon is taking place. All around the world and more than ever people are waking up, standing up and taking intelligent, peaceful steps to bring positive change to the world at large and to their immediate communities. The time has come for us to come out of the cave, to overcome our prejudice and hold hands with our brothers and sisters. As my Teacher said " We're in this together, we are all going through, each one at their own pace and in their own way but we are holding hands, all connected to the same thread". Everyone can find ways to help Gaia and humanity go through the changes, in our prayers but also in our actions. In times of crisis the ones that are strong, healthy and in the position to help are called to do so. It's been like that from the beginning of time, it's a natural instinct in many species including humans. In the darkest moments lie the strongest flame of courage and solidarity. Let's embrace the changes with patience, humility and an open heart. Let's take it as an opportunity to connect deeper to ourselves and to the greater picture, to learn to listen in different ways and know that all is perfectly aligned with a Sacred Order and Time. Change is never a clear cut, we are in a transition where, while the old is being lifted off the planet, the new is coming down and being anchored on Earth. These two energies meet half way and dance together, before continuing their inevitable journey towards their destination. It's like when a soul leaves the physical plane and meets another soul that is arriving to the world. They have a brief exchange and acknowledge the greatness of each other's stage of evolution. It's a constant cycle of renewal, and it happens on the microcosmic as well as the macrocosmic level. It happens every moment inside our body, as old cells die to give space to the new ones. It happens in the cosmos where constantly the celestial bodies die and are recycled for other life forms to be born. Right now this is happening to planet Earth on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. It's happening in whole countries and in individuals that are experiencing disease and high levels of stress while the new Cosmic Codes are entering their consciousness. So what can we do to stay grounded and navigate this time safely in our personal life and for the greatest good? Walking down the road the other day I saw the picture of Jaguar on the outside of a house. It took a bite out of a gun with fierce, motherly determination. I stood there for a long time. The artist beautifully expressed what I've been feeling. Jaguar is Ix, the Nawal of the Feminine Energy, of intuition, the subconscious, of mothering and solidarity. Ix helps us find creative solutions and intelligent strategies. She teaches us to be firm and stand in our power with love and compassion. Ix is strong Medicine at this time , as the feminine stands up and takes her rightful place next to the masculine so that together they may find balance once more. It’s not a war between patriarchal and matriarchal, it's a coming together of all aspects of ourselves within ourselves and then meeting the other in their completion so we can move forward in new healthy ways. Ix beats in the heart of both men and women, she is guiding all her children home back to love and out of our confused mind. As my Teacher said " Men have to come down from the cold mind into the warm heart. The coldness of the man's mind has brought cold into the womb of woman, wrinkling her energy .Women have to forgive and allow for the healing to happen, in themselves and in the world". It is time to act with love and warm up our bones. Ix is the energy of the Goddess Ixchel who brings healing and awakening through compassion and invites us to go deep into the underworld to clear and cleanse what needs to be released at this time of great change, to then be reborn new and more conscious into the new Dawn. The painting also reminds us that Art is a mean for building peace, as well as activism, teaching, growing food, standing up against the system when it's not being reasonable, helping a neighbour or a stranger in the street, cultivate healthy relationships with ourselves and others, following our dreams, meditation and sending light to the world, baking bread with love... Endless possibilities await us if we chose to be a conscious vessel for the new energies that are flooding the planet. We can call upon Ix, the Goddess Ixchel and ask her to guide us so we may act with love and provide hope for the ones that need it the most. We can also connect to others and together hold space for the world in many creative ways. If you feel worried or weighed down by the intensity of this time, connect to nature, let the wind blow away the negative thoughts and let the water wash away the tension or the sadness. Connect to others and voice what you feel, you will be surprised by the amount of love you will receive. Or light a candle and sit quietly so that your Guides can wrap their arms or wings or paws around you and bring comfort to your soul. And on the days when the sun shines on you and your heart is filled with joy, you can give back by doing the same for others. You can listen to someone's sorrow and provide compassion, or you can sit quietly and let your love reach out to the whole. Let's stand in beauty and humility and co-create a world where peace is not only a dream but our everyday reality.

In Kindness

Swift Raven

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