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SACRED ARCHEOLOGY in SARDINIA personal reflections and new Mystical Tour launch

As some of you know, I'm original from Sardinia and a few years ago i began a journey of retracing my ancestral roots, guided by a strong calling to reconnect to the land, the water and the subtle energies of my homeland. After 22 years of travelling and living abroad, it was interesting to feel both at home and a total stranger. I was taken by surprise by the beauty, the peaceful and magical atmosphere of the island, which I had forgotten, busy as I was exploring ancient civilisations far away from home. It suddenly felt as if many things I've experienced and loved elsewhere, were reflected here on a small scale, in the mountains, the sea breeze, the sacred temples, in the smell of the Mediterranean bush, the accent of a warrior people, the honouring of the ancestors.

Sardinia is a remarkable place, and although by now I feel somewhat a foreigner in my own country, I also feel very blessed to be made of her stuff, of granite and olive, of resilience and mysticism.

Many blessings were bestowed upon me on my return, by the hand of an invisible force, which became clearer and clearer as I walked the land and blessed the was the essence of the island, the nurturing energy of the feminine, of the Great Mother, Goddess, Abuela.

Sardinia is rich in diversity of culture, archeology, as well as landscapes and wildlife, where nature is still pristine and everything contributes to the awakening of the senses. Ancient altars and burial places like the Domus de Janas ( fairy houses) in the woods, towering Nuraghes, Sacred Wells and Giants Tombs, all offer ample opportunities for contemplation and for profound healing experiences. I came away totally enchanted and warmed up, not only by the sun but also by new wonderful connections and collaborations. One of these with an extraordinary woman,

Ilaria Montis, founder of Sardegna Sacra and expert archeologist gifted with great compassion and intuition. Her tours open doors into the invisible realms of the ancestors while with great competence and respect, she takes you on a journey through history and to inner planes of mindful exploration. Visiting the sacred sites with her has been such an enlightening experience that we are now offering one of her tours @ Ixchel Healing Arts.

We just launched On the footprints of the Goddess, a 4 days sacred archeology tour in Sardinia,which takes you through some of the most significant sites dedicated to the worship of the feminine principle, while exploring places of outstanding natural beauty and getting a fresh, more authentic perspective on the history of this magnificent gem of the Mediterranean.

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