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Zentzun Art & Spirit

Totem Jewellery @ Ixchel Healing Arts e-shop

A warm welcome to our dear friend Oihane Donnellan, founder of Zentzun Art & Spirit. Oihane creates beautiful Totem Jewellery inspired by nature and by the energy of power animals. Since 2016 she has been a much loved member of Ixchel Healing Arts, where she shares her deep insight, joyfullness and feminine wisdom. Master weaver, Oihane creates wearable art that is divinely guided and therefore unique. The weaving becomes ceremony and the energy of the totem gradually merges with the thread, the stones, the charms, making a unique piece that takes time to be born and which carries the blessing of healing and insight for the one who wears it. Most Totem Jewellery from Zentzun are custom made specifically for you, aligned with your Nawal (your Mayan Totem ) and with what is calling to your heart.

Oihane tells us the story of Zentzun

"Inspired by extensive study and practice during my travels and encounters with master weavers of native traditions in Latin America, my Totem Jewellery create wearable art that captures and transmits the strength and beauty of power animals, of nature and its elements.

Each piece is handcrafted with love, using an embroidery technique from Paraguay called Ñanduti, combined with a rich palette of cotton coloured threads, and spirit inspired materials like semi-precious stones, silver and brass charms, as well as real feathers and driftwood that are carefully hand picked by me specifically for each creation, with respect and consideration for nature.

The result is a delicate, light and high quality sacred piece that becomes part of you when you wear it and helps you reconnect to your natural, instinctive self."

Oihane is offering the beautiful "Sacred Water" Totem Necklace

@ Ixchel Healing Arts e-shop and she's working on more pieces that will be available soon. She can also be contacted for custom made Totem Jewellery. Find out more

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