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Pleiades - Mayan Star Medicine

Mayan Healing Workshop

Pleiades - Mayan Star Medicine
Pleiades - Mayan Star Medicine

Time & Location

31 ago 2024, 11:00 a.m. UTC – 01 sep 2024, 5:00 p.m. UTC

Findhorn, The Park, 505 E Whins, Findhorn, Forres IV36 3TH, UK

About the Event

Learn the Pleiades Healing Method - Clear your ancestral lines - Connect to the spirit to the land and cosmos

The Mayan Star Medicine course is a unique journey into the ancient tradition of the mayan healers, offering deep spiritual insight, transformative shamanic experiences and hands on healing methods to take home with you. Throughout the course you also learn the interpretation of your dreams from the perspective of the original Mayan calendars.

Steeped in mysticism, the Pleiades star cluster appears in traditional stories around the world, from the Greeks to the Native Americans, from the Aborigines to the Mayans, just to name a few. Their legends have enchanted humanity for thousands of years, inspiring the investigation of the ancestral connection between humans and the rest of the firmament.

In the Mayan cosmo vision the Pleiades are multidimensional portals that can be accessed to channel healing energy from the stars. Communication with the "Seven Sisters" facilitates dreams and visions, rejuvenates the body, cleanses the blood of ancestral trauma and realigns the soul with the evolutionary path of the earth, to support us through the planetary changes of our time.

What you’ll learn

Unique healing methods

How to channel the Pleiades

Protective energy shields

How to invoke the ancestors

The interpretation of your dreams from the Mayan calendars

What you’ll experience

Gentle healing

Profound transformation

The presence of Spirit

Ancient rituals


Deep insights

Fun creative moments

A safe, friendly and relaxed environment

Slowing down and unplugging from the world

The course is based on shamanic practices from the mayan tradition, rituals for clearing ancestral trauma and hands on healing techniques for personal or professional use. Through ceremony, shamanic journey, dreamwork, channelling, drumming, invocations, initiation and circle weaving you slow down, unwind and reset your energy. You can expect to feel lighter, more awake, strong and empowered. You can trust the spirit of the ancestors to reawaken the ancient wisdom within so you may shine your light brighter than ever.

The Pleiades initiation is a powerful energy upgrade and an alignment with the evolutionary changes taking place on earth at this time. It builds a bridge across time to the wisdom of an ancient civilisation and root it into modern life, to create positive change for ourselves and the world.



The first day of the course is about coming home to your heart, slowing down, clearing and cleansing and making space, ancestral healing and preparation for the initiation. It’s a day to go within and connect deeply with the spirit of the land and cosmos.

11 am Smudging and circle weaving

11:30 am Opening the Medicine Wheel

12:30 pm Invocation of the Mayan Ancestors

1 pm Lunch & siesta

2:30 pm The spirit of the land, earth practices in nature

3:15 pm Shamanic Journey & mayan oracle reading 

4 pm Break

4:30 pm Ancestral Healing

5 pm Circle time - sharing and Q&A

6 pm break and light dinner 

7 pm Mayan breathing techniques 

7:30 pm Pleiades Initiation

8:30 pm Fire Ceremony ( optional) 


The second day of the course is very dynamic, you dive into the theory and hands on practice of Mayan Star Medicine and take home with you the ancient Pleiades healing method.

9 am Invocation of the Mayan Ancestors

9:15 am Dream sharing & interpretation

10 am Healing Methods - theory

10:30 Break

11 am Mayan breathing techniques

11:30 Channel the Pleiades

12 pm Organs rejuvenation

12:30 pm Lunch

2 pm Healing Methods -practice

3:30 pm Rooting the Star Medicine

4 pm Circle time - sharing and Q&A

5 pm Closing prayers

The teachings, initiations and practices were transmitted to Cinzia through direct contact with the Mayan elders, they come from the oral tradition and cannot be found in books or on the internet.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from Ixchel Healing Arts and will have access to advanced Pleiades healing courses around the world.

The course is accessible to all levels of experience but unfortunately it's not suitable for people who suffer from heart disease, epilepsy or mental disorders because of the intensity of some of the energies we work with during the ceremonies and initiations.

The course fees include tuition, materials and tea and snacks throughout the weekend. 

Bring a refillable water bottle, a packed lunch for Saturday and Sunday and a light dinner for Saturday. You can buy lunch at the Phoenix cafe however it's closed in the evening. 

If you need a place to stay over the weekend, search for The Park Ecovillage Findhorn online, there are several B&B options inside and around the village. 


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