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Mexican Cleanse

The Mexican energy cleanse is a traditional practice that has been used for centuries to purify the body and mind. This cleanse involves the use of an egg and some water, sometimes smoke or other natural ingredients to remove negative energy, curses and worries and promote overall well-being.  Whether you're looking to unburden yourself  or simply want to feel more balanced and centered, a Mexican energy cleanse may be just what you need. During the session you sit on a chair and relax while I gently rub the egg ( in the shell!) over your body, all the while reciting some prayers in Spanish and Mayan. Once the ritual is complete, I " read" the contents of the egg and offer some advice and any spirit messages to help you restore peace and lightness. The cleanse is best done in person but it can also be done online if necessary.

My Story

I learned the art of curanderismo over the years by living and working alongside Mexican traditional doctors from different ethnic groups . Curanderismo is the art of healing in the Mesoamerican tradition. A generic term to describe healers and shamans, curanderismo embraces a vast range of practices and prayers aimed at safeguarding the individual and the community. Since curanderismo is a purely oral tradition, each healer is a universe apart, and works both in feeling and in knowing, integrating what has been transmitted to him by his teachers with what life presents to him along the way. In fact, it is said that curanderos learn to bring out their own "medicine". Some curanderos specialize in specific fields, such as those who cure with medicinal herbs and are great experts in botany; those who mend bones (los hueseros), the “parteras” who assist women with conception, childbirth or abortion; others who channel the energy of the stars and ancestors, and finally those who deal strictly with "limpias" or energetic cleansings of various types. The majority of curanderos, however, embrace more than one discipline, thus giving curanderismo many facets, both scientific and supernatural, embracing the syncretism between the ancestral indigenous spirituality and the Christian religion. 

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