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Building Community 

Children of the Sun 

Children of the Sun is an initiative that provides educational opportunities for the mayan children of El Naranjo village in Chiapas, Mexico. The village is nested inside a national park above the ancient mayan city of Palenque. Children of the Sun is a work in progress, an initiative for the children which is creating community amongst the adults, building bridges between cultures and age groups, facilitating learning and healing for children , their families and the people who visit. Held by the forest, by the waterfalls, the hummingbirds and the spirit of the ancients, the project opens a rare window into a world of mysticism and deep ecology for anyone who becomes involved for a day, a week or a lifetime.

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Our Mission

The shamanic retreats we lead in Palenque and selected events in Tulum directly fundraise for the project which provides educational workshops about Mayan culture, tradition, natural medicine, and more so the Mayan children can stay connected to their roots. The people who come to the retreats visit the community and spend time  with the children, and a percentage of the retreat tariff goes into fundraising for the project. To learn more, you can watch our video series here  . We are currently looking for volunteers in exchange for life changing experiences so read on

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The project was born from the dream of Fidencio Cruz, resident of El Naranjo, licensed tour guide of the UNESCO archeological site and founder of Fidel Tours agency. 

Concerned about the loss of culture , values and traditional skills amongst the new generations , Fidencio partnered with Cinzia Sarigu ( hey that would be me! )  , permaculture designer and mayan cosmology expert from Ixchel Healing Arts,  to create an educational program that would weave ancient and modern mayan wisdom with a touch of international influence, like when the children wanted to learn English. The children continue to guide us to what they are most interested in learning. The project which has been incubating since 2012, was launched in February 2022 and it's been going strong since, thanks to the incredible work and dedication of both the volunteers and the children. There have been many challenges but also many miracles along the way. The land and the spirit of the ancestors are supporting the project and the children are thriving



At the moment Children of the Sun is run entirely by volunteers and so  far the children have attended ongoing classes and ad hoc workshops in the following subjects:

Music, poetry and improvisation

Poc ta poc ( the pre hispanic ball game)

Mayan cosmology storytelling

Mayan cosmology:  science, mathematics , ecology and spirituality 

Mayan pre hispanic art and music

Flute making workshop utilising bamboo harvested from the jungle and recycled materials 

Herbal medicine identification and remedies preparation

Traditional weaving

English classes

Dreamcatchers making workshop with jungle materials 

Mandala making

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Fundraising so far has come entirely from Ixchel Healing Arts and the generosity of people who attend Cinzia's shamanic retreats, courses and events.  The long term plan is for the project to be self reliant by diversifying the fundraising opportunities with volunteering programs, fair trade commerce, eco tourism in the area and more.

The children started making crafts using the techniques they are learning at the workshops. They collect seeds, vines and other materials from the jungle and make beautiful dreamcatchers to sell at the archeological site, bringing some extra cash to their families. It's a simple but significant beginning to break the spell of the loss of culture and recover the craftsmanship of their grandfathers who were gifted and divinely inspired alchemists of stone, wood, leather and all jungle treasures. 

Get Involved 

There are many ways to get involved from the comfort of your home and by embarking on the adventure of a lifetime...coming to the jungle! 


Sign up to our retreats in Palenque, meet the children and fundraise for the project. You can find upcoming retreats on the Retreats page of this website, or by signing up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page 


We have volunteering opportunities in different areas and incredible perks to offer our gratitude. 

If you volunteer in the village you receive full board accommodation with a mayan family and free temple and nature tours.

If you volunteer online you receive online Shamanic Sessions and Mayan Cosmology readings

Volunteering opportunities online 

Social media managers and content creators

Fundraisers ( go fund & similar campaign coordinators )

Volunteering opportunities on site

Permaculture designers and teachers

Language teachers 

Art teachers

Math and science teachers

Sport teachers

Music and performing arts teachers 

Film makers and photographers

Experienced project managers and coordinators 


We also seek partnership with NGOs, ethical tour companies, other ethical companies, schools and other educational establishments. You can share our link on your website, start a fundraising campaign, organise a work exchange for your team, bring a class and much more. 


A simple yet great way to support Children of the Sun is to share our link on social media, talk about us and connect us to people who can support, collaborate etc. 



The Mayan Calendar 2024 is a digital item that takes you through the year with the insights from the Mayan energy of each day, and it provides information about how the calendar work, how to apply the wisdom to your daily life, and it even contains a meditation to align with the sacred energies each day.

Profits from the calendar support the Children of the Sun project.

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To Donate, Fundraise, Get involved and more....

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