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Star Pathways 

Spring Equinox

20-24 March 2024



Let me take you on an adventure on the footprints of the Giants to discover the Star Pathways left behind by the ancient civilisations from the stars. We'll connect to the earth and the cosmos, I will share with you unique ancestral ceremonies, initiations and messages from the spirit of  the ancestors. Connecting with the ancient lore and the prehistoric stones will help you remember your stellar ancestry, your place in the world and the calling of your soul 



Sardinia is a mystical island in the Mediterranean sea. Ancient home of a civilisation of Giants from the stars, Sardinia hosts thousands of neolithic sites dotted around the countryside and along the coast. The sacred sites are being studied by archeologists, astronomers and energy intuitives for their precise  cosmological alignments. Ancient megaliths aligned with solstices, Giant's tombs built in the shape of constellations, sacred wells as lunar calendars and powerful energies on the land are inducive of profound spiritual awakening.


Day one
arrival and opening circle
connecting to the Spirit of the land
Day 2
Spring Equinox in the Nuraghe
Star Initiation
Day 3
On the footsteps of the ancestors, tour of the Domus de Janas ( fairy houses) followed by an evening of teachings and shamanic circle
Day 4
Ancient lunar calendars, moon ceremony at the Sacred Well, followed by the ancient Roman thermal baths at night under the stars.
Day 5
Giants from the Stars, healing ceremony in the Giants tomb and closure
Return to Cagliari and goodbyes

Ci- drumming .jpg
Image by Kire

For tariff, inquiries and bookings get in touch !


The journey begins in Cagliari, beautiful coastal capital of Sardinia, where your flight arrives. We spend the night of the 20th in a hotel by the sea and have our opening circle in the evening on the beach. The next day we travel north following the ley lines of the island, visiting the most significant sites for the Star alignments that will facilitate our ceremonies. We stop  along the way in traditional lodging, tasting the best of the local produce and immersing ourselves in the peacefulness of Sardinian nature. On the way back to the city we spend a night at the ancient Roman baths where we can relax in the thermal waters under the stars. Our journey ends back in Cagliari on on the 24th when you can get an evening flight or check into a hotel ( I can recommend places to stay).

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