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A retreat for the heart and the taste buds 


Slow Food Alchemy & Shamanic Healing 

with Cinzia Sarigu and Josefina Jimenez

Guest teacher Alema Morelli

Autumn Equinox 

16-22 September 2024

Alet Les-Bains, France


Rest, laugh, nurture

What would it be like to unplug from the world of thinking and indulge in the world of feeling, being pampered by delicious nourishing food, restorative time in nature and soul nurturing practices? What would it be like to give your heart the time to relax, heal and laugh? At the turn of the autumn equinox we gather under the loving gaze of Magdalene to remember what it's like to dance to our heart rhythm.

Senses was created to offer you a sacred space to unwind, enjoy yourself and feel deeply loved and nurtured. It's an invitation to treat yourself to a week of wonders in the sacred land of Magdalene with slow food wizardry and shamanic healing at your command. 

The Magdalene legacy

The autumn equinox is a time to slow down, nature is preparing for the winter pause, it's a time to gather resources,  nurture our body, mind and soul in the long term. The autumn equinox is the liminal place where the earth starts descending into the dark places of deeper restoration, the realms of the sacred feminine where the heart awakens.

The legacy of Magdalene is deeply connected to the land and the care of all beings. This connection is intrinsically woven into our psyche, bones and spirit. We know deep inside that it is by giving that we feel whole, fulfilled and holy. Yet our society often encourages us to focus on our selfish needs, to grab as much as we can and deplete the earth or allow entire peoples to go hungry. But our heart knows, our heart remembers that it's in sharing that we receive the most, that we all feel like we belong to the sacredness and abundance of life. Magdalene is bringing us together to honour the land, the seasons, the fruit of the earth, create colourful, abundant, healthy meals and share the merriment in celebration of the Great Mother. 

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