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What makes us special....

" Cinzia has been such a force and blessing in my life. Her wisdom spans lifetimes and she always shows up from a place of heart, authenticity, and compassion. I have already learned so much about myself through sitting with her and know I will learn so much more."Koa, USA 

"Cinzia has a wonderful energy and holds the space beautifully. By joining jaguar Goddess I was reminded how important it is to take time for ourselves as women and how beneficial it is to have someone guiding you in a nourishing way. Cinzia shares her knowledge and love for the Mayan tradition and  I felt inspired to learn more and I hope to join the sacred space soon again. With gratitude. " Sandrine, London

"Cinzia is an incredible master and all the experiences she offers open up our invisible channels" Marina, UK 

"I have studied for two years now with Cinzia and the Shamanic Healing Course has been wonderful. I learned
 about Shamanism, nature cycles, daily practices and  how to open our hearts to sacred medicine. Cinzia is a talented teacher  with great knowledge who creates a very peaceful environment; she's humble and passionate and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from her. I absolutely recommend her courses ,  Ixchel  Healing Arts events and also her retreats." Vicky Polak, Argentina 

"My daughter and I had a session in Tulum with Cinzia last week . She has the kindest most authentic energy I have ever encountered. Cinzia did not ask either of us questions about our lives prior to the healing session and yet for both of us the healing was completely in alignment and resonated with our lives and experiences. Our healing sessions although scheduled back to back were completely different and individualised, I was amazed at Cinzia's deep intuition and ability to connect with our soul without words. Cinzia conducted the session in such a loving way, spoke eloquently about the healing and gave post healing suggestions. I could not have been more impressed with level of skill and professionalism of our experience. I highly recommend Ixchel Healing Arts Studio and Cinzia." Colleen, USA

" Having met Cinzia was definitely one of the best things that has happened to me in 2020. She is knowledgable, kind, generous, supportive, soft and deep. She has been a huge support for the past months, with both her private healing session and her courses. The weekly meditation circle she holds on Saturdays has brought me peace and deep connection throughout the lockdown. She introduces and guides you to a beautiful path of magic and self-knowledge" Josefina, Argentina 
" Cinzia's gentle and compassionate nature means relaxing with her is very easy. Her ability to connect with the ancient energies is tangible, and her commitment to delivering the messages I needed, authentically, from the session is deeply appreciated. I always leave glowing & feeling like I've had a huge cosmic hug!" Andrea, UK 

"I was fortunate to receive a healing from Cinzia recently. It was clear that she had prepared well and was fully in touch with her subject. At the close of the healing I was refreshed and centred and the feed back she offered was very useful and helpful to me at this time. "
Geoffrey, South Africa 

" This is a space that offers authentic connection to an ancient wisdom tradition; if you are looking for depth and healing from a beautiful lineage, Cinzia is a clear and wonderful vessel that I have had the privilege of experiencing many times." Karin, Canada

" Cinzia is wonderful example of a true, live healer. She has a tremendous amount of working knowledge that she has acquired over the years of doing this work and is very high tuned to intuitively following the universal path of what is needed. I found Cinzia through a referral and realized that our healing journeys have a lot of similarities. Ixchel Healing Arts have found the way in to my life exactly when was necessary. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears- that is exactly what happened with Cinzia. I love the diversity of programs that she offers and am very much drawn in to the direction that she so gracefully takes following her heart and spiritual guides. You are truly in for a treat regardless of what you are searching for in your life she will help you see the path." Olesya, USA 

“ I had two Causal Realignment sessions with Cinzia over a period of a few weeks. I was already  familiar with Cinzia’s work so I know how deep and powerful her skills as a healer are. During the first session I simply laid down and close my eyes while she worked. After the session Cinzia shared about the work that took place, what she’d seen and gave me some amazing feedback .
I learned how important my feelings are and that they serve an important purpose. I also received other valuable advice on my personal life. 
The second session was more interactive, I could feel what she was working on and I had a vision of something involving my relationships. After the session I found out that she had seen exactly the same thing as me. This vision was very important to me and has since helped me to open up, heal aspects of myself and align with the being that I call “the totality of myself”. It’s hard to put into words the significance and magic of the journey I’ve been on thanks to Cinzia’s work, which is helping me to integrate my life and spiritual path in the most profound ways. I highly recommend at least two or three sessions with Cinzia, either with the Causal Realignment or any other of her healing modalities.  She is the real deal when it comes to letting her Innate gifts shine through. Cinzia offers profound healing on many levels. “ Simon, Tulum 

" Beautiful New Moon meditation tonight and powerful shamanic journey. Thanks Swift Raven for your skill & guidance, sending love " Caroline, UK 

"How to put into words my experience On the Footsteps of the Goddess. All I am left with is a feeling. The feeling of completeness and wholeness within my heart. All of my worries and fears have gone away, I feel confident and at peace in my body, all the time, not just in certain moments. I have an unbreakable certainty within my entire being. Cinzia is a gentle, confident guide whose wisdom and connection to spirit allows for a truly Divine experience. Her knowledge of the areas that we explored offered an aspect of ease because she can speak the languages and she knows the territory well. The women that gathered for this experience, from all parts of the world were in complete harmony from
the start. We only spent 5 days together but it feels like we have know one another our for a lifetime.There are not enough words I can say to describe how positive my experience was. I just feel immense gratitude, appreciation and honour to have experienced the magic of the land with Cinzia and our group. If you are drawn to the land of Ixchel, gathering in sisterhood, healing and rebirth, shamanic practices for modern humans, or experiencing a life changing experience, then the retreats and experiences that Ixchel Healing Arts creates are for you." Marie, USA

"Cinzia and I crossed paths on my search for a massage, it didn't take long to realise it was her that I needed to see. I was interested to see what a Shamanic Healing was, for me, it was quite amazing. Her energy and pure intent shone, I felt comfortable and at ease with her, knowing I was in good hands.
Tears flowed, my mind was full of colours, shapes and patterns which she could decipher for me, my body seemed to lose all the tension it had tightly held.
I learnt a lot about my past, my spiritual journey, what I could do to assist me "shining" instead of staying "small", had confirmation of life directions, and actions that were beneficial to others. It was quite an experience to have a healing of a throat issue which she physically felt while doing the healing. 
She urged me to push on with a creative project close to my heart and actually Cinzia is a part of a much bigger picture I hope. Thank you Cinzia, you are a very special lady x" Adrienne, Australia 

"Tulum Holistica jungle resort proved to be the perfect base for us, to rest and nourish our bodies with delicious healthy food. Each day we visited important sacred sites and under Cinzia's gentle guidance we felt the sites come alive, connected to ancient energies on the land, made offerings to the ancestors and learned  about the Mayan calendar. 
We spent a night with an indigenous mayan family living in the jungle, where we received lots of love and hugs, learned about the local medicinal plants,  while being part of their daily life. We participated in a powerful fire ceremony and sat in the womb of Mother Earth - in the Temazcal. It's hard to put all these profound experiences into words, but they changed us, enriched our lives and much more. Thank you Ixchel Healing Arts for helping us to raise our vibrations"
Pavlina, Czech Republic

"I arrived in Tulum from San Francisco with no sleep and an episode of mercury toxicity from the plane. On the second day, I still hadn't slept and felt terrible. A new friend recommended Cinzia, who came to my AirBnB within hours. The healing, the Mayan flower tincture and homeopathic remedies she offered made an immediate difference. Such wisdom, such love, such a kind woman. Before the healing I wondered if I should even follow through on plans to retire in Tulum, but afterward there was no question. For health, for spiritual guidance and for general well-being, my highest recommendation!"
Morgan, USA

"I had a very interesting, informative and professional tour of Coba with Cinzia. Her command of both English and Spanish is superb. And her knowledge of the culture, history and archaeology is unique. Having lived with the Mayan people over the years, Cinzia understands their culture as only an insider can, and she brings the living experience of her shamanic training and practice into her tours and teachings. We visited a Mayan community where the ancient ceremonies are still carried out, and the current of ancient energies still makes its presence clearly felt. There is a strong tradition of healing with herbs native to this region, and many unique healing methods are practiced by a small circle of highly trained Mayan initiates. The special feature of Cinzia's tours and teachings is that she lives and practices the Mayan traditions as she learned them while living in the remote villages where the wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, complete with initiations and secret ceremonies. I would highly recommend Cinzia's tours and teachings to anyone interested in a deep and authentic experience of the Mayan world, both ancient and modern. "
Roger Calverley, author and spiritual teacher, Canada

I met Cinzia during the covid lockdown at the Saturdays meditations “ Lighten Up the Heart”, then later in a mayan fire ceremony at her London magic garden and finally I joined her shamanic course “ The Dream of Gaia”. Cinzia  is a wonderful teacher who shares all her knowledge with love and compassion. It's amazing how online sessions became so powerful as they are an opportunity for gathering and having the possibility to share with people from around the world. I highly recommend meeting her one to one and in her circles for spiritual guidance and healing.

Thank you Cinzia for all your love and warmth!

Mica, Argentina

"In Search of Magic.When I read the introduction to the Shamanic adventures in the land of Ixchel I was not sure what to expect. We were all of different backgrounds, ages, and corners of the world, but we connected right away and felt like sisters. Cinzia was a patient and well organized guide and introduced us to the ceremonies, people and surroundings with great respect and reverence. It was a privilege to be part of this group and I felt blessed to have had this magical experience. Thank you, Cinzia. I can't wait for your next sacred adventure. I would feel honored to be part of it. With gratitude" 
Christina, USA


" The wisdom of Swift Raven and Ixchel Healing Arts Studio have been a great asset in my journey to forever, subtle in form but deeply profound. The teachings have helped me root out the blockages in my consciousness and develop the tools to clear them. A benefit not only to me, but also to my community, my tribe and I've realized that I too am a healer, and the best thing I can do for others is to be all of me. Swift Raven will help you find You "
Ryan, USA

"I highly recommend a Causal Realignment with Cinzia. I felt safe and supported all along. The session had a cathartic effect on me, I went back to a time in my early years  when I needed help, I received what I needed and it felt very much like a rebirth.  I felt a great sense of freedom and happiness and I had tears of joy coming down my face. After the session Cinzia gave me valuable advice on how to look after myself better. I found the  session was very profound and, exactly as Cinzia had predicted, it took me three days to integrate the healing. I certainly recommend her as a caring , trustworthy therapist, all her wisdom and knowledge comes out when she works. I can't wait for my next session! "
Ettore, Italy

"The Shamanic Herbalism course has been a spiral of transformation, I will revisit the classes over and over again. Going through the course was grounding and led me back to my spiritual practice, it was also a source of strength going through difficult time and loss. I felt held, it was amazing to be able to go through whatever was happening in an environment of trust and genuine care. Thanks Cinzia for sharing this sacred space." Charlene, California

"Thank you for my certificate!   What an amazing 7 classes we have had.  All the research and community sharing has been so enlightening for me and I know for each of us.  Loved returning to each place on my broomstick each week.  The history was a wonderful education.  Makes me want to go again.  Feel so comfortable with your meditations.  I know each of us are changed forever. " Reverend Sandra, Canada 

“I have learnt so much from your teachings through the Shamanic journeys, dreamwork and meditations. I feel truly blessed , more grounded, wiser, lighter, I understand my days here on Earth much better. I learned that no matter what comes, if I practice I have the tools to go through it with clear vision, and that I can ask for help if needed. That is an enormous gift” . Vicky, London

"The Roots course was great, it uplifted me spiritually as a mother and as a person. I learned to make my own medicine, safe to take for the whole family, which I already tried and it worked !  I also joined the retreat in Sardinia where I learned  the healing arts and loved meeting the group finally off screen. I continue to learn a lot from Cinzia" Limi, Switzerland

“ I Just received the Mayan Nawal cards, beautifully created and designed by Cinzia.
They will make a lovely and unique present for my friends to be wed. I'm so pleased and thankful for them. Highly recommended. “ Pavlina, UK 

"Thank you for all of the amazing experiences that you offer . Working together with you and all your groups was very supportive and helped me to remain deeply connected to myself so that I could remain present for my family."  Marie, California. 

" I have been working with Cinzia for a few years and she has helped me navigate through the pandemic and has been an incredible mentor on my spiritual path. My retreat in Palenque was exactly what I needed. Cinzia created an experience that suited me perfectly. I fell in love with the sacred sites and with Cinzia's help I was able to really tap into their  power. I felt loved and held by her gentle guidance as she helped me to connect to the ancestors and guardians of the land and feel empowered to be in Mexico, Palenque exactly at that time and place. We did daily shamanic journey workshops and check ins to help create a clear map of what’s to come and how Mayan Cosmology can help me get there. I loved learning about the Mayan Cosmology and how I can use it to navigate through life. I feel rejuvenated and excited for what’s to come and look forward to continuing my work with Cinzia and Ixchel Healing Arts" - Olesya , NY.

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