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What makes us special....

My daughter and I met Cinzia during our trip to Tulum last week. Cinzia has the kindest most authentic energy I have ever encountered. Cinzia did not ask either of us questions about our lives prior to the healing session and yet for both of us the healing was completely in alignnment and resonated with our lives and experiences. Our healing sessions although scheduled back to back were completely different and individualized, I was amazed at Cinzia's deep intuition and ability to connect with our soul without words. Cinzia conducted the session in such a loving way, spoke eloquently about the healing and gave post healing suggestions. I could not have been more impressed with level of skill and professionalism of our experience. I highly recommend Ixchel Healing Arts Studio and Cinzia.

Cinzia and I crossed paths on my search for a massage, it didn't take long to realise it was her that I needed to see. I was interested to see what a Shamanic Healing was, for me, it was quite amazing. Her energy and pure intent shone, I felt comfortable and at ease with her, knowing I was in good hands.
Tears flowed, my mind was full of colours, shapes and patterns which she could decipher for me, my body seemed to lose all the tension it had tightly held.
I learnt a lot about my past, my spiritual journey, what I could do to assist me "shining" instead of staying "small", had confirmation of life directions, and actions that were beneficial to others. It was quite an experience to have a healing of a throat issue which she physically felt while doing the healing. 
She urged me to push on with a creative project close to my heart and actually Cinzia is a part of a much bigger picture I hope. Thank you Cinzia, you are a very special lady x

I arrived in Tulum from San Francisco with no sleep and an episode of mercury toxicity from the plane. On the second day, I still hadn't slept and felt terrible. A new friend recommended Cinzia, who came to my AirBnB within hours. The healing, the Mayan flower tincture and homeopathic remedies she offered made an immediate difference. Such wisdom, such love, such a kind woman. Before the healing I wondered if I should even follow through on plans to retire in Tulum, but afterward there was no question. For health, for spiritual guidance and for general well-being, my highest recommendation!

"I had a very interesting, informative and professional tour of Coba with Swift Raven. Her command of both English and Spanish is superb. And her knowledge of the culture, history and archaeology is unique. Having lived with the Mayan people for years, Swift Raven understands their culture as only an insider can, and she brings the living experience of her shamanic training and practice into her tours and teachings. We visited a Mayan community where the ancient ceremonies are still carried out, and the current of ancient energies still makes its presence clearly felt. There is a strong tradition of healing with herbs native to this region, and many unique healing methods are practiced by a small circle of highly trained Mayan initiates. The special feature of Swift Raven's tours and teachings is that she lives and practices the Mayan traditions as she learned them while living in the remote villages where the wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, complete with initiations and secret ceremonies. I would highly recommend Swift Raven's tours and teachings to anyone interested in a deep and authentic experience of the Mayan world, both ancient and modern. "

" The wisdom of Swift Raven and Ixchel Healing Arts Studio have been a great asset in my journey to forever, subtle in form but deeply profound. The teachings have helped me root out the blockages in my consciousness and develop the tools to clear them. A benefit not only to me, but also to my community, my tribe – I’ve realized that I too ‘am a healer, and the best thing I can do for others is to be all of me. Swift Raven will help you find You "