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The Call of the Ancestors

26 October - 7 November 2024

Yucatan & Chiapas

You can also sign up for one week only and you can chose which week to attend. Ask me how 


An unforgettable experience


Sacred sites




Ancestral Ceremonies



Mayan cosmology

Día de los Muertos

Mexico, land of curanderos, magical place where time seems to stop and the whispers of the ancestors evoke ancient memories along the ancestral path, walking through pyramids, jungle and ceremonies, to remember the universal codes of creation.

The Call of the Ancestors is a unique and unforgettable experience to deeply nourish body, mind and spirit. A mystical journey in the footsteps of the ancients, through a path of transformation and rebirth. An immersive journey into Mexican shamanism and the ancient cosmology of the Mayan culture. During the ceremonies we work with fire, water and sacred sound, come into contact with the world of spirits, the ancestors and the spirit of the land.  The journey is participatory so you receive guidance and teachings, purification and initiations, and at the same time you are encouraged and guided to learn to channel messages and establish your unique and direct contact with the ancestors and with the forces of nature.

Image by Crisoforo Gaspar Hernandez


" This is a space that offers authentic connection to an ancient wisdom tradition; if you are looking for depth and healing from a beautiful lineage, Cinzia is a clear and wonderful vessel that I have had the privilege of experiencing many times." Karin, Canada

"How to put into words my experience On the Footsteps of the Goddess. All I am left with is a feeling. The feeling of completeness and wholeness within my heart. All of my worries and fears have gone away, I feel confident and at peace in my body, all the time, not just in certain moments. I have an unbreakable certainty within my entire being. Cinzia is a gentle, confident guide whose wisdom and connection to spirit allows for a truly Divine experience. Her knowledge of the areas that we explored offered an aspect of ease because she can speak the languages and she knows the territory well. The women that gathered for this experience, from all parts of the world were in complete harmony from
the start. We only spent 5 days together but it feels like we have know one another for a lifetime.There are not enough words I can say to describe how positive my experience was. I just feel immense gratitude, appreciation and honour to have experienced the magic of the land with Cinzia and our group. If you are drawn to the land of Ixchel, gathering in sisterhood, healing and rebirth, shamanic practices for modern humans, or having a life changing experience, then the retreats and experiences that Ixchel Healing Arts creates are for you." Marie, USA

Read more testimonials here 

On the first week we travel the Yucatan to visit the ancient pyramids, swim in the sacred waters of the cenotes,  spend a day in a Mayan ceremonial center with local curanderos and finally  participate in the Dia de Muertos festivals in contact with the local culture, where myth and legend blend with everyday life. We follow the Katrinas procession and immerse ourselves in the music, the colors, the altars and the ceremonies. In Yucatan we discover the energy of the Goddess Ixchel who facilitates healing and transmutation. On the second week we travel to Chiapas to follow the call of the ancestors in the archaeological and natural park of Palenque where we visit the most important Mayan citadel of the ancient world, the Children of the Sun project and places of outstanding natural beauty. In Palenque the jungle facilitates the awakening of the senses and opens the heart to a deeper connection to self. In Palenque you explore the mysteries of the Mayan calendars, ancient spiritual tool for connecting with the ancestors.


The Mayan land is a truly magical place where the veil between this reality and the world of the spirits is very thin, where the connection between heaven and earth is almost tangible and where the energies are so pure that they facilitate the activation of the heart chakra. During the Day of the Dead festival we enter a magical place of deep connection to the spirit of the ancestors. 

The Journey 


Week 1 


October 26
Meeting at Cancun international airport
Ritual of introduction to the Mayan land
Overnight stay on the Caribbean Sea
October 27
Departure for a colonial town
Mayan meditations and preparation for the journey
Free time to explore architecture and crafts
October 28
Pyramids of Ek Balam
Initiation of the jaguar
The Cenote, immerse yourself in the sacred waters
October 29th
Chichen Itza
Initiation of the Feathered Serpent
Psychic channeling
October 30th
Day in a traditional Mayan ceremonial centre
Ancestor ceremony
Medicinal plants identification walk 
Temazcal ( sweatlodge)
October 31st
Día de Muértos
Catrinas Parade
Ancestors Meditation 
November 1st
Día de Muértos Festival
A day in the Mayan culture: art, food and spirituality

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

The Journey 


Week 2 


November 2
Departure for Chiapas
Arrival and check in, free time
Connection rituals with the jungle
November 3
Mayan cosmovision workshop
Free time
Guided night walk in the jungle
November 4
Day at the pyramids
Solar Initiation
November 5
Children of the Sun project
November 6
Meditation and relaxation at the waterfalls
Evening of celebration
November 7
Return to Cancun & Farewells



Cinzia will be with the group for the duration of the journey as teacher, guide and interpreter. For part of the journey Cinzia will be accompanied by the curandera Columba. On the day of arrival we will stop in Cancun one night to allow you to rest from the journey and recover from eventual  jet lag. The nearest international airport is Cancun.
We can help you plan your trip, act safely and enjoy your Mexican adventure in the mystical land of the Mayans. Given the diversity of the places we will visit, sometimes we will stay in hotels, sometimes in bungalows in the jungle, however always in accessible, comfortable and safe places.
The journey is suitable for most levels of fitness as it entails walking to explore the  pyramids, nature settings and the Day of the Dead festivals.
In the spirit of the Mayan culture, the journey offers a fulfilling experience for body, mind and spirit, with a good balance between the transcendental and the profane.


The Team

Ci- drumming _edited.jpg

Cinzia Sarigu

Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia Sarigu is a teacher of shamanism and Mayan priestess. Having lived for many years in contact with indigenous communities, Cinzia was initiated by Mayan and Toltec masters in Mexico and Guatemala. For the complete biography click here 


Columba Marin

Curandera, herbalist and environmentalist, native of the Nahuas culture, for many years Columba was the founder of traditional Mayan clinics in the Yucatan where she still collaborates on reforestation and preservation projects . Columba has been collaborating with Cinzia since 2013 and is a teacher on The Children of the Sun project.

Fidencio .jpg

Fidencio Cruz 

Mayan originally from Palenque, Fidencio is a licensed tour guide at the archaeological site. Fidencio is involved in social projects in his village and with Cinzia he founded The Children of the Sun project. Fidencio knows the jungle and the pyramids like the back of his hand and will accompany us on mystical paths to discover the thousand-year-old culture of the Mayan world.


Giving back 

The Call of the Ancestors is also an opportunity to contribute to the culture and well-being of the contemporary Mayan people. You contribution supports the Children of the Sun, an educational project for the children of a Mayan village, direct descendants of the Palenque dynasty. The project offers a curriculum through art, drama, ancestral music, storytelling, ecology, cosmology and more. By remembering the history of their ancestors, children learn to safeguard the ecosystem and express their creativity by recovering ancient arts. The journey includes a day with the children to get to know them and participate in the workshops with them.

Read more about the project here


The journey is a dive into the Mayan cosmovision to awaken your own cosmology, to rediscover the thread of your history and meet an indigenous culture that facilitates spiritual awakening and direct contact with your own ancestors.


For 2 weeks

If you want to attend just one week get in touch to discuss you options 


£2700 / $2900 USD

Super Early bird 

£2500 / $ 2700 USD expires February 14th


Early bird 

£2600 / $ 2800 USD expires May 1st
Instalment payments available (ask me how)


The rate includes
12 nights shared accommodation*
Transfer to and from the airport (on scheduled dates and times)
Transport within Mexico 
Dia de Muertos Festivals
Entrance to sacred sites  (Yucatan and Chiapas)
Herbal medicine teachings
Mayan cosmology classes
Day in the Mayan ceremonial centre
Temazcal ( sweatlodge) 
Ancestral ceremonies ( non psychotropics) 
Nature excursions
Day in the Mayan village
Guides and interpreter
Fundraising for the Hijos del Sol project


* supplement for private room varies in different locations and depends on availability, get in touch to discuss your options .

The rate does not include
International flights
Travel and health insurance
Meals ( breakfast included in some hotels in the Yucatan)  
Anything else extra or not mentioned above


To book your place NOW

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The experience of a lifetime

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