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Shamanic Herbal Course Part 1

October 2021- January 2022

Twice a month 

Online classes

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Raven Speaks 


Automatic Writing Course 

7 weeks - Fridays

Starts 5th November 2021

Online classes

Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo in

Your Mayan Ancestry 


Personalised Mayan Cosmology

9 months 

Starts all year round 

Online sessions/ distant healing

 Previous Courses 


Ancient Mystery Doors
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
April-May 2021  


Days out of Time
Mayan New Year 
Online Festival 
Daily Guidance
Mayan Spirit Alignment
February 2021

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Jungle Mystery Doors 
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
Jan-Feb 2021 


Shamanic Healing 
Online Course
18 classes
9 months
Twice a month

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The Wheel  of Time 
Mayan calendar Course 
Online Classes

Jan-October 2020

The Medicine Wheel 
Introductory Shamanic Course
Online Classes
April 2020


The Shaman's Dream
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 1
April-May 2020

Road in magic dark forest.jpg

The Dream of Gaia
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 2
June-July  2020

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Avalon Mystery Doors  
Mystical Shamanic Course  
June-July 2020

“Am so honoured to share my treasured memories of my courses facilitated by Cinzia.  Our travels through Sardinia with our beautiful guide, Ur, inspired me to search ancient history on Mother Earth and to journey beyond time to feel the beauty of our humanly time here on Earth.  Putting on my cloak of wizardry while travelling through Avalon, I felt empowered to accept my role as a witch.  In Mexico, I internalised a powerful understanding of space and time within the Mayan culture and it’s spiralling magic connected with our psychic beings.  Cinzia’s powerful spiritual wisdom and knowledge, whether in Avalon, Mexico or Sardinia opened us up to many energies in nature on Earth and beyond with our Star Nations. Cinzia has travelled and lived within each environment and connected energetically with the Spirits abiding there.  Always, Cinzia is caring and helpful with each person’s perspective in her classes.  Am looking forward to attending her retreats in person. Know they are amazing and are the gift of a life time.”

Reverend Sandra Atkinson