Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo in

Your Mayan Ancestry 


Personalised Mayan Cosmology

9 months 

Every 20 days

Online sessions/ distant healing

Starts all year round 


The Days out of Time


Mayan New Year Festival

Online Shamanic Week   

14-19 February 

 Daily Guidance 

Live Mayan Spirit Attunement

An Aerial View of Nuraghe Losa,Center Sa

Ancient Mystery Doors 


Online Shamanic Adventure 

7 Mystical Journeys

Weekly Classes

Wednesdays 7-8 pm BST

Starts April 2021 

Copyright picture from Alturo Alday Larr

Jungle Mystery Doors


Online Shamanic Adventure 

7 Mystical Journeys

Weekly Classes

Fridays 7-8 pm GMT/BST

Starts January 2021 


Shamanic Healing


Online Course

9 months   

Thursdays 5-6.30 GMT 

Starts October 2020

Registration now closed !

 2020 Courses 

Warrior copy.jpg

The Wheel  of Time 

Mayan calendar Course 

Jan-October 2020


The Medicine Wheel 

Introductory Shamanic Course

April 2020


The Shaman's Dream

Shamanic Journey Course

Level 1

April-May 2020

Road in magic dark forest.jpg

The Dream of Gaia

Shamanic Journey Course

Level 2

June-July  2020

Woman in red cloak walking away.jpg

Avalon Mystery Doors  

Mystical Shamanic Course  

June-July 2020