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“Am so honoured to share my treasured memories of the courses facilitated by Cinzia.  Our travels through Sardinia with our beautiful guide, Ur, inspired me to search ancient history on Mother Earth and to journey beyond time to feel the beauty of our humanly time here on Earth.  Putting on my cloak of wizardry while travelling through Avalon, I felt empowered to accept my role as a witch.  In Mexico, I internalised a powerful understanding of space and time within the Mayan culture and it’s spiralling magic connected with our psychic beings.  Cinzia’s powerful spiritual wisdom and knowledge, whether in Avalon, Mexico or Sardinia opened us up to many energies in nature on Earth and beyond with our Star Nations. Cinzia has travelled and lived within each environment and connected energetically with the Spirits abiding there.  Always, Cinzia is caring and helpful with each person’s perspective in her classes.  Am looking forward to attending her retreats in person. Know they are amazing and are the gift of a life time.”

Reverend Sandra Atkinson

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Avalon Mystique

Online Retreat 

Over 2 weekends
3rd- 4th and 24th-25th
June 2023
Saturdays 2-4 pm EST 
Sundays 10 am - 12 pm

Gatherings are recorded 

Avalon Mystique is an online retreat for the Modern Witch, a  journey of initiation, sisterhood, healing, storytelling, shamanic journey and connection to the spirit of Avalon. 
Whether you are joining us in Avalon in flesh and bones in September or you wish to connect to the ancient land of Merlin in spirit, Avalon Mystique is a fun journey to learn, dream, heal and co-create magic with a group of like minded people. 


Young witch with spell book in green forest.jpg


Shamanic Course 

12 weeks online
Thursdays 10-11 am EST
Starts 23rd March 2023

What would it be like to communicate with crystals and access the ancient memories of the earth? Crystals are fascinating beings, they inspire beauty and mysticism , they carry dreams and facilitate healing. In this 12 weeks course you journey with crystals to discover new healing methods, create crystal grids, understand the mystery of pyramids and awaken your crystalline body. With the help of shamanic tools and practices you explore the physical and esoteric aspects of common and uncommon crystals and how they relate to nature, the human body, the chakra system, dreams, planets and plants. You meet your crystal tribes and understand their spiritual purpose on earth, while establishing your Crystal Spirit Team to assist you in your personal and professional healing work.
This course is for you if you are interested in crystals, energy healing, shamanism, sacred geometry and the expansion of consciousness.


Align with your Destiny 

Private Classes

9 months journey

Every 20 days

Online/Remote Sessions & Ceremonies

Starts all year round

Discover your Mayan Nawales, your Destiny Path and develop  your gifts  to bring joy, balance, direction and empowerment into your life

Mayan Calendar Classes

Shamanic Healing sessions

Mayan Oracle 

Mayan Birth Chart Reading

Personalised spiritual practices

Traditional Mayan blessing ceremonies

Digital copy of the current Mayan Calendar 

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Your Mayan Ancestry 

Private Journey across the
Mayan Calendar

Your Mayan Ancestry is a journey of learning, awakening and personal healing supported by the ancient tools and sacred energies of

the Mayan Lunar calendar.

In mayan cosmology , each person is born under the protection of a group of Nawales, or spirit guides ; the Nawales shape your personality, provide your gifts  and guide the unfolding of your destiny.

In this private journey you work with Cinzia

one-on-one to complete a full cycle around the mayan lunar calendar to unlock your potential, discover your team of Mayan Spiritual Guides and learn how to apply the mayan calendar to your everyday life.   


Every 20 days for 9 months you work with Cinzia to connect to your Nawales through ceremony, meditations and personalised teachings, to embody the essence of your mayan spirit guides and learn how to receive their blessings long into the future.

Classes are a combination of online meetings, remote practices and distant healing and alignments.  


Cinzia is an ordained Time Keeper and Sacred Fire Ceremonialist  from the Mayan Tradition and she will guide you through a unique, deeply transformational journey with her knowledge and wisdom

of Mayan cosmology. 

The mayan lunar calendar is an ancient tool that offers down to earth spiritual guidance to help you align with your true purpose and live a happy life




Shamanic Drum Activation 

Initiation to the Peacemaker Path

Residential or weekend courses 

Have a look at a previous course

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 1


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots

October 2021- January 2022 

Online classes




Mayan Star Medicine 

Shamanic weekend workshops 

Residential or weekend courses 

Have a look at a previous courses

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 2


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots

April- July 2022

Online classes

A mystical raven is sitting on a dead woman._edited.jpg

Raven Speaks 


Automatic Writing Course 

7 weeks - Fridays

Starts 5th November 2021

Online classes

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 3


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots


Sept. 2022- Jan 2023

Online classes


Ancient Mystery Doors
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
April-May 2021  


Days out of Time
Mayan New Year 
Online Festival 
Daily Guidance
Mayan Spirit Alignment
February 2021

Copyright picture from Alturo Alday Larrauri.jpg

Jungle Mystery Doors 
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
Jan-Feb 2021 


Shamanic Healing 
Online Course
18 classes
9 months
Twice a month

Warrior copy.jpg

The Wheel  of Time 
Mayan calendar Course 
Online Classes

Jan-October 2020

The Medicine Wheel 
Introductory Shamanic Course
Online Classes
April 2020


The Shaman's Dream
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 1
April-May 2020

Road in magic dark forest.jpg

The Dream of Gaia
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 2
June-July  2020

Woman in red cloak walking away.jpg

Avalon Mystery Doors  
Mystical Shamanic Course  
June-July 2020

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