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Dragon Whisper

An immersive shamanic adventure
in the mystical world of dragons

Since the dawn of time dragons have been inspiring stories and legends all over the world. Associated with fire and water, deep caves and hidden secrets, knowledge and power, whether loved or demonised dragons fill our world with magic and wisdom. 

2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, it is time to reawaken the dragon  within with this fantastic shamanic course online. 
Come meet the Dragons in a safe and relaxed space where you can experience the dragon energy on your skin, go deep into the mysteries and have fun along the way with a group of like minded seekers.
An adventure for the inner child and a transformational journey for the wise person of  today. As you build your team of dragon spirit guides you reclaim your power and embrace your unique path with trust and a light heart.


8 weeks online shamanic course
27th February 


Some of the things you'll learn over the course of 8 weeks

  • Dragons of different cultures

  • Secrets of the Dragon Clans

  • Communicate with Dragons 

  • Dragon lore, myth and legend

  • Extra planetary Dragons 

  • Elemental Dragons

  • ​Dragon Lines on the land and in the human body

  • Healing with Dragon energy 

  • Dragon Whispering 

  • Discover your Dragon Ancestry 


Each week we explore a different Dragon Mystery, receive messages from the dragons through the oracle and the shamanic journey, and learn to work with Dragon energy for individual and planetary healing, to reconnect to ancient mysteries, introduce or enhance spirit guidance in our practice and elevate our frequency to align with the Earth changes.


Dragon energy can have a very powerful effect on the psyche and it's recognised by the body and spirit as kin, therefore meeting the dragons promotes a better flow of energy in us

At Dragons Whisper you can expect to experience 

  • Inspiration and insight

  • Mystical worlds through the shamanic journey

  • Energy transmissions

  • Renewed strength and vitality

  • Insightful dreams

  • Chakra balancing 

  • Storytelling

  • Empowerment

  • Childlike curiosity

  • Reigniting your imagination

  • A deeper understanding of your soul path

  • Positive changes both within yourself and in your life

  • A sense of lightness and liberation

  • & more

Classes take place weekly on Tuesdays and are recorded 
however it's recommended to participate in the live classes as much as possible to make the most of the opportunity to ask questions, share with the group and experience the magic of dragons in real time. 
You also have access to a members private area where you find extra resources, can share your insights and be part of the dragon community.

Sign up now for the Early Bird 20% off
Enter coupon "Dragons" at checkout
offer expires on January 25th   

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Fantastic Creatures

Online Shamanic Course
7 weeks
Mondays 7-8 pm UK time

Starts 27th November 

7 weeks of shamanic journeys with 
Dragons, Nature Spirits, Unicorns and many more powerful guides.
An online adventure with like minded people, a deep exploration of the magic within.
Recorded Classes 
Private members area

Any questions?
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Dragons, elves and unicorns, mythological and fantastic creatures are all part of our history and collective psyche, they represent aspects of our inner journey, they contain ancient wisdom and transport us beyond the veil of rationality to the temple of the inner child.
They are some of the most ancient archetypes and hold the mystery of the world.
Let the imagination flow and lighten up the heart, come and discover the mystical worlds through the shamanic practices. Meet your Spirit Guides from the magical realms and learn about their world and wisdom. Rediscover the guardians of humanity and their most fascinating habitats. An enlightening, fun and informative journey of self exploration to reclaim your most ancient memories. A journey through mystical landscapes, enchanted woods, ancestral caves, in search of the fantastic creatures who coloured your childhood . Come meet them and speak to them to get insight about your life experiences, to nurture your soul, awaken your vision and discover your hidden powers . 
Rekindle magic and wonder, practice the shamanic journey and learn about the Fantastic Creatures that fill our world, stories and dreams.
Let your inner child fly and give yourself permission
to believe in magic

Beautiful Young Woman lying on Sea shore. Ocean as Abstract embodiment of Universe that Ca

The Embodiment Course

Journey to the fundamentals of wellness, spirituality and vitality

Natural Health + Shamanism + Fitness

with Caroline Gaskin, Cinzia Sarigu & Lisa Knighton

Starts 31st October 2023

The Embodiment Course 

A 16 weeks online course

Start date Tuesday 31 October 2023

Weekly on Tuesdays

7pm to 9pm UK/ 12-2 pm Mountain Day Light

Classes recorded so you never miss out !

A full programme of expert fitness classes with Lisa Knighton, shamanic workshops with Cinzia Sarigu  and holistic health sessions with Caroline Gaskin

The embodiment course brings 3 disciplines together to promote strength, resilience, support, emotional and physical wellbeing by rooting practices that are tailored

to the unique journey you are on.


Here is how it works

Each month you have a live class with each teacher, home practices , supported by additional pre-recorded content, handouts and a private forum to share your experiences, chat with other participants and access additional resources . Each month concludes with a live session with all 3 teachers to catch up, answer questions, bring together the threads of your experience and celebrate.

The course provides the tools for you to embody the full potential of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and creative self, at your own pace, in the way that best nurtures and supports you. The practices , although from 3 different disciplines, are woven together to support you step by step in an organic, transformational way. Each month you explore a theme from the perspective of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, to facilitate the embodiment of the teachings, remedies, visions and exercises. The themes are connected by a common narrative, like an invisible thread that stitches together all your needs, dreams and gifts and opens a doorway into new possibilities.

Working through emotions, strength, resilience & rooting, we support you all the way to create your unique pathway to wellness, empowerment and inner peace.


The course includes

  • 16 live weekly classes + 1 introductory class

  • Monthly Q&A live sessions

  • Additional pre-recorded video content

  • Handouts

  • Home practices

  • Creating a Shamanic Vision Board for 2024

  • Making a self care plan to carry forward into the New Year and beyond

  • Private members area for sharing content, experiences and inspirations

  • Special offers related to course content

  • All sessions recorded and available to watch again


Be inspired by cutting edge content, revolutionary insight into your life journey and a fresh look at your place in a world which is changing so rapidly.

Think of this course as a refuge, a safe haven to set aside the everyday chaos, prioritise self care, rekindle your dreams and create radical change from within. We have created a rich, learning space for all things inner, to deepen your relationship with yourself, pick up valuable tools and take them into your daily life, personal practice

and your own creative ventures.

Who we are and what we offer you

Between us we have created a hub for all things inner, to deepen your relationship with yourself,

pick up valuable tools and take them into your daily life, your own projects and creative ventures.

It’s a space where you can just be, no need to pretend, to look good or be clever. Simply come and play, learn, laugh and go within

Caroline Gaskin

One of the UK’s leading homeopaths, with over 25 years experience in dietary and natural lifestyle advice, specialising in hormonal balance, homeopathy & flower essence prescribing. Wherever we are in our health journey and regardless of how you identify, we are always trying to achieve hormonal balance. There are many key elements, both nutritional and elemental, that we need to do this. At each session with Caroline you’ll be exploring natural health solutions to support you whether you’re working with your fertility or entering into elderhood or working with strength training and wanting to find a better work/life balance. Many times on the journey we will need the same elements but understanding why is key and the emphasis varies throughout our lives to gain the effect that’s required. You’ll increase your knowledge of nutrition, foods that can nourish, learn naturopathic practices and which essential oils, flower essences and homeopathy can support you. With Caroline’s encouragement you can create a self-care routine, grounded in low cost, readily available, natural health solutions to meet your individual needs. You too can take forward a plan into the year ahead to truly embody endocrine integrity and come home to hormonal harmony. Recipes, handouts, weekly practices and creative visioning are all included.

Cinzia Sarigu

Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia is a Sardinian medicine woman & shamanic teacher with over 20 years experience, specialising in dreamwork, ceremony, Toltec practises & Mayan Cosmology . Cinzia has a background in permaculture design, social and environmental activism and leads community projects internationally. Shamanism is an ancient transformational practice based on spiritual and scientific  principles.

Cinzia creates a space of magic and wonder to reconnect to your inner child, facilitating profound healing and learning new tools while having fun in the enchanted landscapes of the spirit world. Some of the shamanic practices you explore at The Embodiment Course are soul retrieval, dream weaving, storytelling, shamanic journey, intuitive journalling, healing rituals, communication with the spirits, nature art, sacred sound and more. Cinzia’s classes are a safe place to initiate change, a cosy and welcoming space,  deep like dark soil and rich like home baked bread. A liminal place to reinvent yourself, rekindle your dreams and find the vision, clarity and support necessary to make the changes your heart desires. The tools and techniques offered can be applied to your daily life, they are accessible to all levels of experience, lifestyle, physical abilities, geographical location and spiritual belief. 

Lisa Knighton

CEO of AtHomeBeFit, a hybrid exercise studio established in the high desert of New Mexico.  As an Expert Fitness Educator and Certified Personal Trainer, Lisa aims to disrupt the way the world views aging. She believes the human body wants to be fed well, moved well, and rested well. As the designer of transformative fitness programs, it’s her experience that with dedicated and deep attention to quality exercise and strength training, anyone can be fit and strong at any age. You’ll find her weekly sessions robust and life-style altering. And all sessions can be viewed on an unlimited basis for the entirety of the course. 

Well-designed movement and exercise allow the body to speak, tell a story. And movement is one of the cornerstones of spirituality--the body is the temple through which we experience the world, other people, and nature. 

Lisa’s eager to be your guide along the way and welcomes you to the community we’ re nourishing online. 

Lisa is an expert listener and is keen at creating lasting partnerships. She delights in the idea of our moving our bodies as a way to change the world.

Lisa understands the daring journey through the liminal space that’s required to become more physically fit.

Lisa enjoys hiking mountain trails, writing about fitness and wellness, and reading memoirs.

Want to know more?Watch our Discovery Video

The Embodiment Course
Early Bird 10 % off 
Ends October 3rd
Enter coupon " Embodiment" at checkout 

Beautiful Young Woman lying on Sea shore. Ocean as Abstract embodiment of Universe that Ca

The Embodiment Course 

Embodiment is a word that the soul recognises, that liminal place where we stop running and come home to all the different aspects of ourselves and bring them together to weave a magnificent tapestry that includes all we’ve learnt, our dreams and all the threads of our life


“Am so honoured to share my treasured memories of the courses facilitated by Cinzia.  Our travels through Sardinia with our beautiful guide, Ur, inspired me to search ancient history on Mother Earth and to journey beyond time to feel the beauty of our humanly time here on Earth.  Putting on my cloak of wizardry while travelling through Avalon, I felt empowered to accept my role as a witch.  In Mexico, I internalised a powerful understanding of space and time within the Mayan culture and it’s spiralling magic connected with our psychic beings.  Cinzia’s powerful spiritual wisdom and knowledge, whether in Avalon, Mexico or Sardinia opened us up to many energies in nature on Earth and beyond with our Star Nations. Cinzia has travelled and lived within each environment and connected energetically with the Spirits abiding there.  Always, Cinzia is caring and helpful with each person’s perspective in her classes.  Am looking forward to attending her retreats in person. Know they are amazing and are the gift of a life time.”

Reverend Sandra Atkinson

0-1 - 2023-06-30T000054.623.jpeg

26-27 August 2023  Merkabah Retreat UK 

Mayan Star Medicine
weekend healing course 

What you’ll learn

Unique healing methods

How to channel the Pleiades

Protective energy shields

How to invoke the ancestors

The interpretation of your dreams from the Mayan calendars

What you’ll experience

Gentle healing

Profound transformation

The presence of Spirit

Ancient rituals


Deep insights

Fun creative moments

A safe, friendly and relaxed environment

Slowing down and unplugging from the world

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Avalon Mystique

Online Retreat 

Over 2 weekends
3rd- 4th and 24th-25th
June 2023
Saturdays 2-4 pm EST 
Sundays 10 am - 12 pm

Gatherings are recorded 

Avalon Mystique is an online retreat for the Modern Witch, a  journey of initiation, sisterhood, healing, storytelling, shamanic journey and connection to the spirit of Avalon. 
Whether you are joining us in Avalon in flesh and bones in September or you wish to connect to the ancient land of Merlin in spirit, Avalon Mystique is a fun journey to learn, dream, heal and co-create magic with a group of like minded people. 


Young witch with spell book in green forest.jpg


Shamanic Course 

12 weeks online
Thursdays 10-11 am EST
Starts 23rd March 2023

What would it be like to communicate with crystals and access the ancient memories of the earth? Crystals are fascinating beings, they inspire beauty and mysticism , they carry dreams and facilitate healing. In this 12 weeks course you journey with crystals to discover new healing methods, create crystal grids, understand the mystery of pyramids and awaken your crystalline body. With the help of shamanic tools and practices you explore the physical and esoteric aspects of common and uncommon crystals and how they relate to nature, the human body, the chakra system, dreams, planets and plants. You meet your crystal tribes and understand their spiritual purpose on earth, while establishing your Crystal Spirit Team to assist you in your personal and professional healing work.
This course is for you if you are interested in crystals, energy healing, shamanism, sacred geometry and the expansion of consciousness.


Align with your Destiny 

Private Classes

9 months journey

Every 20 days

Online/Remote Sessions & Ceremonies

Starts all year round

Discover your Mayan Nawales, your Destiny Path and develop  your gifts  to bring joy, balance, direction and empowerment into your life

Mayan Calendar Classes

Shamanic Healing sessions

Mayan Oracle 

Mayan Birth Chart Reading

Personalised spiritual practices

Traditional Mayan blessing ceremonies

Digital copy of the current Mayan Calendar 

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Your Mayan Ancestry 

Private Journey across the
Mayan Calendar

Your Mayan Ancestry is a journey of learning, awakening and personal healing supported by the ancient tools and sacred energies of

the Mayan Lunar calendar.

In mayan cosmology , each person is born under the protection of a group of Nawales, or spirit guides ; the Nawales shape your personality, provide your gifts  and guide the unfolding of your destiny.

In this private journey you work with Cinzia

one-on-one to complete a full cycle around the mayan lunar calendar to unlock your potential, discover your team of Mayan Spiritual Guides and learn how to apply the mayan calendar to your everyday life.   


Every 20 days for 9 months you work with Cinzia to connect to your Nawales through ceremony, meditations and personalised teachings, to embody the essence of your mayan spirit guides and learn how to receive their blessings long into the future.

Classes are a combination of online meetings, remote practices and distant healing and alignments.  


Cinzia is an ordained Time Keeper and Sacred Fire Ceremonialist  from the Mayan Tradition and she will guide you through a unique, deeply transformational journey with her knowledge and wisdom

of Mayan cosmology. 

The mayan lunar calendar is an ancient tool that offers down to earth spiritual guidance to help you align with your true purpose and live a happy life




Shamanic Drum Activation 

Initiation to the Peacemaker Path

Residential or weekend courses 

Have a look at a previous course

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 1


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots

October 2021- January 2022 

Online classes




Mayan Star Medicine 

Shamanic weekend workshops 

Residential or weekend courses 

Have a look at a previous courses

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 2


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots

April- July 2022

Online classes

A mystical raven is sitting on a dead woman._edited.jpg

Raven Speaks 


Automatic Writing Course 

7 weeks - Fridays

Starts 5th November 2021

Online classes

Element earth. The girl in the image of the earth. Fantasy mystical makeup for the image o

Roots Part 3


Shamanic Herbal Course 

An Exploration of Spirit

 Herbalism and

your Medicine Roots


Sept. 2022- Jan 2023

Online classes


Ancient Mystery Doors
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
April-May 2021  


Days out of Time
Mayan New Year 
Online Festival 
Daily Guidance
Mayan Spirit Alignment
February 2021

Copyright picture from Alturo Alday Larrauri.jpg

Jungle Mystery Doors 
Shamanic Adventure
7 Mystical Journeys Weekly Classes
Jan-Feb 2021 


Shamanic Healing 
Online Course
18 classes
9 months
Twice a month

Warrior copy.jpg

The Wheel  of Time 
Mayan calendar Course 
Online Classes

Jan-October 2020

The Medicine Wheel 
Introductory Shamanic Course
Online Classes
April 2020


The Shaman's Dream
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 1
April-May 2020

Road in magic dark forest.jpg

The Dream of Gaia
Shamanic Journey Course
Level 2
June-July  2020

Woman in red cloak walking away.jpg

Avalon Mystery Doors  
Mystical Shamanic Course  
June-July 2020

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