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Coming soon

Milky Way stars Pleiades photographed with astronomical telescope. My astronomy work..jpg

Star Pathways 

Spring Equinox

20-24 March 2024



Sardinia is a mystical island in the Mediterranean sea. Ancient home of a civilisation of Giants from the stars, Sardinia hosts thousands of neolithic sites dotted around the countryside and along the coast. The sacred sites are being studied by archeologists, astronomers and energy intuitives for their precise  cosmological alignments. Ancient megaliths aligned with solstices, Giant's tombs built in the shape of constellations, sacred wells as lunar calendars and powerful energies on the land are inducive of profound spiritual awakening.



Day one: arrival and opening circle, connecting to the Spirit of the land
Day 2: Spring Equinox in the Nuraghe and Star Initiation
Day 3: On the footsteps of the ancestors,  tour of the Domus de Janas ( fairy houses) followed by an evening of teachings and shamanic circle.
Day 4: Ancient lunar calendars, moon ceremony at the Sacred Well, followed by the ancient Roman thermal baths at night under the stars.
Day 5: Giants from the Stars, healing ceremony in the Giants tomb 
and closure.
Return to Cagliari and goodbyes

Image by Kire

What's included
Transport on the island
4 nights shared accommodation* 
Roman Thermal Baths under the stars 
Full board at the thermal baths 
Entrance to sites
Guide & Interpreter
* private room supplement  


Let me take you on an adventure on the footprints of the Giants to discover the Star Pathways left behind by the ancient civilisations from the stars. We'll connect to the earth and the cosmos, I will share with you unique ancestral ceremonies, initiations and messages from the spirit of  the ancestors. 
Connecting with the ancient lore and the prehistoric stones will help you remember your stellar ancestry, your place in the world and the calling of your soul 




The journey begins in Cagliari, beautiful coastal capital of Sardinia, where your flight arrives. We spend the night of the 20th in a hotel by the sea and have our opening circle in the evening on the beach. The next day we travel north following the ley lines of the island, visiting the most significant sites for the Star alignments that will facilitate our ceremonies. We stop  along the way in traditional lodging, tasting the best of the local produce and immersing ourselves in the peacefulness of Sardinian nature. On the way back to the city we spend a night at the ancient Roman baths where we can relax in the thermal waters under the stars. Our journey ends back in Cagliari on on the 24th when you can get an evening flight or check into a hotel ( I can recommend places to stay).

50 % deposit 
Limited numbers

Any questions? 

The Call of the Ancestors 

26 Ottobre - 7 Novembre 2024

Yucatan & Chiapas


The Call of the Ancestors will forever change your relationship with nature, with your roots and with yourself


Sacred sites




Ancestral Ceremonies



Mayan cosmology

Día de los Muertos

Mexico, land of curanderos, magical place where time seems to stop and the whispers of the ancestors evoke ancient memories along the ancestral path, walking through pyramids, jungle and ceremonies, to remember the universal codes of creation.

The Call of the Ancestors is a unique and unforgettable experience to deeply nourish body, mind and spirit. A mystical journey in the footsteps of the ancients, through a path of transformation and rebirth. An immersive journey into Mexican shamanism and the ancient cosmology of the Mayan culture. During the ceremonies we work with fire, water and sacred sound, come into contact with the world of spirits, the ancestors and the spirit of the land.  The journey is participatory so you receive guidance and teachings, purification and initiations, and at the same time you are encouraged and guided to channel messages and establishing your unique and direct contact with the ancestors and with the forces of nature.

On the first week we travel the Yucatan to visit the ancient pyramids, swim in the sacred waters of the cenotes,  spend a day in a Mayan ceremonial center with local curanderos and finally  participate in the Dia de Muertos festivals in contact with the local culture, where myth and legend blend with everyday life. We follow the Katrinas procession and immerse ourselves in the music, the colors, the altars and the ceremonies. In Yucatan we discover the energy of the Goddess Ixchel who facilitates healing and transmutation. On the second week we travel to Chiapas to follow the call of the ancestors in the archaeological and natural park of Palenque where we visit the most important Mayan citadel of the ancient world, a modern-day Mayan village and places of outstanding natural beauty. In Palenque the jungle facilitates the awakening of the senses and opens the vision to discover the mysteries of the Mayan calendars, spiritual tool of connection with the ancestors

It is possible to join only one week and you can chose which week to attend ( ask us for details) 

The Mayan land is a truly magical land where the veil between this reality and the world of the spirits is very thin, where the connection between heaven and earth is almost tangible and where the energies are so pure that they facilitate the activation of the heart chakra. During the Day of the Dead festival we enter a magical place of deep connection to the spirit of the ancestors. 

The Journey 

October 26
Meeting at Cancun international airport
Ritual of introduction to the Mayan land
Overnight stay on the Caribbean Sea
October 27
Departure for a colonial town
Mayan meditations and preparation for the journey
Free time to explore architecture and crafts
October 28
Pyramids of Ek Balam
Initiation of the jaguar
The Cenote, immerse yourself in the sacred waters
October 29th
Chichen Itza
Initiation of the Feathered Serpent
Psychic channeling
October 30th
Day in the Mayan ceremonial centre
Ancestor ceremony
Medicinal plants identification walk 
October 31st
Día de Muértos
Katrinas Parade
Ancestors Meditation 
November 1st
Día de Muértos Festival
A day in the Mayan culture: art, food and spirituality
November 2
Departure for Chiapas
Arrival and check in, free time
Connection rituals with the jungle
November 3
Mayan cosmovision workshop
Free time
Guided night walk in the jungle
November 4
Day at the pyramids
Solar Initiation
November 5
Day in the Mayan village
Children of the Sun project
November 6
Meditation and relaxation at the waterfalls
Evening of sharing and closing
November 7
Return to Cancun & Farewells

Image by Zdeněk Macháček


Cinzia will be with the group for the duration of the journey as teacher, guide and interpreter. For part of the journey Cinzia will be accompanied by the curandera Columba. On the day of arrival we will stop in Cancun one night to allow you to rest from the journey and recover from eventual  jet lag. The nearest international airport is Cancun.
We can help you plan your trip, act safely and enjoy your Mexican adventure in the mystical land of the Mayans. Given the diversity of the places we will visit, sometimes we will stay in hotels, sometimes in bungalows in the jungle, however always in accessible, comfortable and safe places.
The journey is suitable 
for every level of fitness since it only entails some walking to explore the  pyramids, nature and the Day of the Dead festivals.
In the spirit of the Mayan culture, the journey offers a fulfilling experience for body, mind and spirit, with a good balance between the transcendental and the profane.

The Team 

Ci- drumming .jpg

Cinzia Sarigu

 Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia Sarigu is a teacher of shamanism and Mayan priestess. Having lived for many years in contact with indigenous communities, Cinzia was initiated by Mayan and Toltec masters in Mexico and Guatemala. For the complete biography visit the "About" page


Columba Marin

Curandera, herbalist and environmentalist, native of the Nahuas culture, for many years Columba was the founder of traditional Mayan clinics in the Yucatan where she still collaborates on reforestation and preservation projects . Columba has been collaborating with Cinzia since 2013 and is a teacher on The Children of the Sun project.

Fidencio Ajpu_edited_edited.jpg

Fidencio Cruz 

 Mayan originally from Palenque, Fidencio is a licensed tour guide at the archaeological site. Fidencio is involved in social projects in his village and with Cinzia he founded The Children of the Sun project. Fidencio knows the jungle and the pyramids like the back of his hand and will accompany us on mystical paths to discover the thousand-year-old culture of the Mayan world.

The Call of the Ancestors is also an opportunity to contribute to the culture and well-being of the contemporary Mayan people. You contribution supports the Children of the Sun, an educational project for the children of a Mayan village, direct descendants of the Palenque dynasty. The project offers a curriculum through art, drama, ancestral music, storytelling, ecology, cosmology and more. By remembering the history of their ancestors, children learn to safeguard the ecosystem and express their creativity by recovering ancient arts. The journey includes a day with the children to get to know them and participate in the workshops with them.

Read more about the project in the Community Project page on this website.


The journey is a dive into the Mayan cosmovision to awaken your own cosmology, to rediscover the thread of your history and meet an indigenous culture that facilitates spiritual awakening and direct contact with your own ancestors.

$2900 USD
Early Bird $ 2700 USD (expires February 28)
50% non refundable deposit 

Installment payments available (ask us how)
The rate includes

12 nights shared accommodation
Transfer to and from the airport (on scheduled 
dates and times)
Transport within Mexico 
Dia de Muertos Festival
Entrance to
sacred sites  (Yucatan and Chiapas)
Herbal medicine teachings

Mayan cosmology classes
Day in the Mayan ceremonial centre

Ancestral ceremonies
Nature excursions
Day in the Mayan village
Guide and interpreter
Fundraising for the Hijos del Sol project
The rate does not include
International flights
Travel and health insurance
Meals ( breakfast included in some hotels in the Yucatan)  

Anything else extra or not mentioned above

Bookings & inquiries 
Cinzia Sarigu
Whatsapp +44 7925480876
Or click below
Senior woman in ethnic traditional Latin American dress. Travel background for Guatemala..

The Days Out of Time 

Atitlan, Guatemala 

14-20 February 


Image by Rowan Freeman

 Avalon Mystique

Glastonbury, UK

18-21 September 


Image by Darius Bashar



3-11 October 


Scroll down to find the retreat that is calling you


Let the Magic unfold

Image by Julia Arte

What would it be like to walk on sacred ground following the ley lines of the land, listening to the whispers of witches, druids and dragons ? What would it be like to let your hair down, kick your shoes off and dance to the rhythm of the moon? What would it feel like to dive deep into your cauldron of dreams and set your inner child free? Polish your broom and fly to Avalon, join us in the most magical place there is...



The retreat unfolds across a magical journey outside on the land, in nature and in sacred sites, and indoors through the spirit realms to retrieve and reconnect deeply with your own magic

 Day 1 

Cauldron of Dreams ceremony to enter the realms of Avalon beyond the veil. 

Day 2

Spiral walk up to the Tor to connect to the spirit of the land and begin to reawaken ancient memories in your DNA.

New Moon ritual to make contact with the Sisterhood of Light 

Day 3

Sacred Waters, Pan & The Goddess and the masculine-feminine alchemy, a day of deep healing and joyful liberation

Arthurian Legends, time travel in the Abbey to awaken the senses and unleash the imagination

Day 4

Mea'n Fo'mhair Festival ( fall equinox )

Closure and Celebration 



Retreat Leader

Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia Sarigu is a Sardinian medicine woman and shamanic teacher with over 20 years experience. Cinzia lived in the UK for 25 years where she developed a very beautiful  connection to the spirit of the land in Avalon , Avebury and Silbury Hill. 
A natural born dreamer, from an early age Cinzia has been speaking to the ones in spirit and teaches others to travel between dimensions and beyond the mist of this world to access the mysteries of Avalon and reawaken magic and wonder.  Cinzia is also a permaculture design teacher and over the years she has founded community projects and initiatives in the UK, Italy, Mexico and Guatemala. Cinzia works with Mayan communities in Mexico where she was initiated as a Time Keeper and Fire Priestess in the mayan tradition. Cinzia specialises in dream work, ceremonial arts, shamanic healing, channelling and Mayan cosmology. Cinzia helps people find their path through life and develop their spiritual gifts, she teaches internationally in several languages and leads mystical retreats in Avalon, Mexico and the Mediterranean. Cinzia loves nature, dragons, books and chocolate. 


Any questions?   
Contact me 

Image by Daniel Olah


A Retreat for the Modern Witch



18-21 September 2023

Shamanism & Magic

Image by Niklas Weiss

A  journey of initiation, sisterhood, healing, storytelling, shamanic ceremony and deep connection to the spirit of Avalon

 Our playground will be Glastonbury and the surrounding area. We spend time outdoors connecting to the land and to the fairy realms , and we retreat into our witches cove for the more private rituals. 
The nearest airport is Bristol, we provide tips and advice to plan
your journey to Avalon, unless you wish to ride your broom, in which case we provide free parking and directions to the
dwarf repair workshop. We can also provide tips and advice on booking suitable accommodation in town. 

The retreat starts on the 18th in the afternoon and ends on the 21st in the afternoon after the Equinox ceremony

Why not? Every excuse is good to create magic, put on your witch hat and have fun with free spirited women like you.  


Full price £ 720
*50 % deposit to secure your place 
Tariff includes:
Shamanic workshops

Tor initiation
New Moon Ritual
Healing Work
Sacred Waters 
Arthur legends 
Merlin & Morgana
Equinox Ceremony 
Entrance to sites

Magic Lab

Payment plans available 
* At the time of booking you will be asked to pay a non refundable deposit. Then pay the balance by August 18th 
You can also settle the balance in cash upon arrival with a £ 72 admin fee

Young red-haired witch on broom flying in the sky. Photo in old image style..jpg

"At the mouth of the sacred well

Rooting deep into Mother Earth

Open eyes, heart and ears

step into magic right now

right here ! "

To get in on the hat ! 

When I joined Cinzia in 2019 on one of her spiritual retreats in Tulum, I was ignorant of shamanism, the Mayan culture, cosmovision, or Magik.  Cinzia's knowledge is profound. Her inner strength, focus,  and trust in spirit is remarkable. Her courses and retreats are like Indira's Web, one jewel connected to another, delicately interwoven and neverending - simply said a treasure!  With Cinzia's help, I have recognized who I am and which path is meant for me.

I am a different person from who I was three years ago.

Thank you sister for your spiritual guidance and healing.

Christina, Florida


Gratefulness – Woman expressing gratitude with hands. Close up image of female hands in pr

Take a deep breath

Reconnect to your core

Embodiment is a journey of healing and playing to restore your body and spirit power, resilience and capacity to enjoy life fully. A time to relax, stretch, explore new places  and learn healing techniques to take home.

Private Sessions


Shamanic Healing

The 3 shamanic sessions will be:

healing, tutorial and reading.

Drawing on 20 years experience in shamanism,

I uses the voice, the drums, psychic channeling and ancient rituals to produce safe and effective results for your healing , guidance and transformation. Shamanic Healing is a deeply transformative practice that helps you regain strength, balance and vision. It promotes soul healing, helps you find direction in life and helps to remove negative imprints from curses, psychic attack and illness. The shamanic tutorial expands on the retreat classes and helps you establish or strengthen your personal spiritual practice. The reading is a channelling session where we call in your guides and the spirit of the land to get messages for your life path. 


Structural Integration

We are students of movement living in a body. Sometimes after trauma, injury or illness the body develops irregular movement and static patterns. Come, learn how your patterns may be effecting how you relate to your body. Set up a Three Series with Lisa to see how the two of you can create new patterns in how you relate to gravity, exercise, and movement.

During your Three Series, Lisa will offer an analysis of your posture and gait, then through skillful touch, new options for movement and integration, as well as homework, you’ll discover more body freedom, less discomfort, and greater overall tranquility. Your first session is 75 minutes, with the remaining two sessions 60 minutes each

Image by Massimo Virgilio


Day 1

Arrivals and opening circle at the Castle  

Day 2

Fitness class

Private sessions / Free time

Shamanic Dreaming Circle

Day 3

Fitness class

Private sessions / Free time

Shamanic Dreaming Circle

Day 4

Sacred Archeology Tour

Sardinian Shamanic Ceremony 

Day 5

Fitness class

Private sessions / Free time

Shamanic Dreaming Circle

Day 6

Fitness class

Private sessions / Free time

Shamanic Dreaming Circle

Day 7

Fitness class

Private sessions / Free time

Shamanic Dreaming Circle

Day 8

Pilgrimage to the most revered site on the island, the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, masterpiece of sacred geometry .

We travel to the site in the morning, spend time within the thousand years old olive grove to prepare the spirit, then we enter the well to be anointed by the sacred waters of the Goddess and complete the journey.


$ 1800 USD
Early Bird $ 1700 USD
( ends March 15th) 

Tariff includes :

Fitness classes
Shamanic Circles
6 Private Healing Sessions
Sacred Sites Tours
Ground transportation
Workshop materials 

To book your place contact us

Hurry! Embodiment has limited numbers to offer each one of you the best standard in our classes and private sessions. 


Image by James Wainscoat


Healing Retreat


Sardinia, Italy

3-11  October 2023

Fascial Fitness & Shamanism


A bespoke program of

 Embodiment is a program of fitness and shamanic classes . Everyday you have fitness in the morning and shamanic circles in the evening. Some days we have trips out of town to visit ancient sites and connect to the energies of the land. In between classes you have private sessions. During the retreat you have 3 shamanic sessions and 3 structural integration sessions. There is free time everyday to explore the incredible capital of Sardinia with its stunning beach, breathtaking views, museums, cafes, parks, galleries and shops.



Defying Gravity and Myofascial Grace

While tethered and floating, you’ll learn how to move with increased ease, fluidity, and power. Through exercises using strong elastic bands and small soft balls, experience trainings in improving somatic awareness, traction for unwinding the spine, balance for improved strength and daily function, and breath work. All equipment provided at the retreat, and available for purchase after the retreat so that you can take it home and incorporate it into your
weekly exercise routine. 


A safe space to explore your inner world, connect to your spirit guides and learn healing techniques to take home. Some of the practices we explore are dream weaving, shamanic journey , spiritual healing, oracle reading and channelling sessions. We do ceremony on the land and connect to Spirit at ancient sites.

Retreat Leaders


Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia Sarigu is a Sardinian medicine woman and shamanic teacher with over 20 years experience. A natural born dreamer, from an early age she has been speaking to the ones in spirit and to the spirit of the land. Cinzia is also a permaculture design teacher and over the years she has founded community projects and initiatives in the UK, Italy, Mexico and Guatemala. Cinzia works with Mayan communities in Mexico where she was initiated as a Time Keeper and Fire Priestess in the mayan tradition. Cinzia specialises in dream work, ceremonial arts, shamanic healing, channelling and Mayan cosmology. Cinzia helps people find their path through life and develop their spiritual gifts, she teaches internationally in several languages and leads mystical retreats in Avalon, Mexico and the Mediterranean. Cinzia loves nature, people, books and chocolate. 



Lisa is the CEO of AtHomeBeFit, a hybrid exercise studio established in the high desert of New Mexico. As the designer of transformative fitness programs and a current student of Structural Integration manual therapy, it’s Lisa’s experience that dedicated and deep attention to quality exercise and somatic education enhances vitality and achieves a higher quality of life and ease of daily function.

Lisa is an expert listener and is keen at creating lasting partnerships. She understands the daring journey through the liminal space that’s required to become more physically fit. All of Lisa’s programs support the belief that aging with a healthy body and mind is one way to create lasting cultural change. She delights in the idea of our moving our bodies as a way to change the world. Lisa enjoys hiking mountain trails, writing about fitness and wellness, and reading memoirs.


Ci- drumming _edited.jpg
Lisa 3.jpeg


Embodiment is hosted in Cagliari, capital city of Sardinia. Our backdrop will be Castello, the ancient castle, an evocative neighbourhood of cobbled streets where we stay during the retreat. Castello is perched on the hill with breathtaking views over the Mediterranean yet only a few minutes walk to downtown and  other historic districts. Sardinia is a place of outstanding natural beauty, with great weather, incredible food and wine, unique art and culture . Steeped in history, mysticism and ancient healing energies , Sardinia will engage your intellect and nurture your heart...and tummy! 


Where to stay

We provide a list of recommended hotels and B&Bs within the castle walls, so you can chose the option that best suits your needs

How to get there

The nearest airport is Cagliari-Elmas. There are direct flights from the EU, and intercontinental flights with a stopover in Rome, Milan and other European cities. We provide tips and advice to reach the island easily


" Embodiment is a word that the soul recognises, that liminal place where we stop running and come home to ourself to heal, love and enjoy ourself..." Cinzia 


The Days out of Time 

14-20 February 
Lake Atitlan 

A week out of ordinary time to unplug, dream, reboot and dive into the mysteries of the mayan cosmo vision. A unique chance to celebrate the New Solar Calendar in the home of the mayan time keepers. An empowering, heart warming experience on the shores of Atitlan to deepen your spiritual path and embody the beauty of your soul in all its colours. Fine tune your spirit through mayan cosmology classes, ceremonies and shamanic dreaming. Each day we explore the deeper meaning behind the mayan guardian of the day and apply it to our practices to promote vitality, inner peace and youthfulness. We explore the mayan solar calendar and practice specialistic  shamanic tools; in sacred space we bring closure to old versions of ourselves and prepare for rebirth at Mayan New Year.

We work closely with the spirit of the volcano and the lake to create a brand new path for ourselves.


Lake Atitlan offers many opportunities to experience the cosmovision in everything around us, in the textiles, the people, the food, the landscape and the sacred ceremonies.



Day out of Time 1

Opening of the Days out of Time

Gratitude Ceremony

Shamanic Dreaming

Day out of Time 2

Mayan Cosmology Class

The Pleiades & The Lake

 Nawales  Alchemy

Day out of Time 3

Mayan Rituals Workshop 

The Power of the Volcano

Ceremony at the Lake

Shamanic Dreaming

Day out of Time 4

Mayan Cosmology Class

Soul Healing 

Sacred Sounds

Day out of Time 5

Cultural Experience ( day trip) 

Day 0

Mayan New Year

Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony

The Mystery of Time


Day 1 

A new beginning

Blessing ceremony

Celebration & Closure

The Days out of Time is a highly inspirational, deeply transformative and joyfully nurturing retreat where you learn, relax, dream, play, meditate, expand your consciousness, connect to the local culture, support indigenous families and much more.



EARLY BIRD ends December 31st 

USD $ 1350

Full Price USD $ 1450

50 % deposit upon registration

Reduced rates for locals 

Payment plans available

The tariff includes fitness classes, mayan cosmology workshops,  ceremony, shamanic practices & tutorials, initiations and all materials 

Senior woman in ethnic traditional Latin American dress. Travel background for Guatemala..
Wayeb' 2023
Mayan Cosmology
Shamanic Dreaming
Fire Ceremony
Soul Healing
Sacred Calendars
Mayan New Year 

Classes are held in San Marcos, a small spiritual town in Atitlan, with great shops and cafes to enjoy locally produced coffee and cacao. The retreat is not residential so you can book a room at one of the hotels/hostels in the neighbourhood. We provide info and tips about how to get there and where to stay. During the week we have classes and circle time in the morning and in the evening so you have time in the middle of the day to rest, socialise and explore the wonderful places in and around San Marcos.  On Mayan New Year we spend the day in ceremony.
You can book private sessions with Cinzia
 during the week to deepen and integrate the experience. 
The Teacher


CEO and Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, Cinzia is a medicine woman, shamanic teacher and expert ceremonialist specialised in dream work, mayan cosmology and spiritual healing. A natural born psychic, Cinzia takes you on life changing journeys to rekindle magic and wonder, awaken playfulness and discover your unique intimate relationship to spirit.

Cinzia loves bringing people together, her teachings are profound and fun and they provide tools for living a healthier, happier, more compassionate life.

Cinzia loves traveling, ancient mysteries and Mayan chocolate.


2022 Retreats 

Image by Alonso Reyes



26 October - 2 November 2022

Palenque, Mexico




Day of the Dead

Sacred Archeology

Mayan Cosmology




Sacred Waters 

3-9 November 2022

Yucatan, Mexico




Mayan Cosmology

Goddess Ixchel 

Sacred Archeology

Sian Ka'an Biosphere

Chichen Itza 

Cusco Peru - January 15, 2022 - Puska with alpaca wool of different colors - By Yuri Ugart
Cusco Peru - January 15, 2022 - Puska with alpaca wool of different colors - By Yuri Ugart
Sacred Weaving
 Alchemy Retreat 
12-18 September 2022 Sardinia 

In a small Mediterranean island lies a secret as old as time, waiting to be discovered by 21st century medicine women …

The art of spinning is a very old tradition closely related to the healing arts. Women spun their thread to weave prayers of healing and protection and hold the balance of the world .

Sacred Weaving retreat is a journey of beauty , magic and wonder, an adventure to nurture your precious heart and spin the thread of your unique path in harmony with the earth and the cosmos. A unique retreat to learn hands on ancient practices, magical rituals and shamanic dreamwork while receiving healing and guidance, making new friends  and having fun. 

Previous Adventures



 Drum Activation

Shamanic Retreat

Palenque, Mexico 


Mayan New Year

Shamanic Retreat

Sacred Geometry



Sacred Fire Retreat

Mayan Cosmology


Chiapas, Mexico




Mayan Star Medicine 

Weekend Retreat 


Image by frank mckenna

Sacred Waters Retreat

Summer Solstice

Women's Retreat


Image by Hulki Okan Tabak


 Mystical Retreat



Dea Madre 

Goddess Retreat

Fall Equinox 


Image by James Lee

Jaguar Footsteps

Shamanic Retreat

Goddess Mysteries


Image by Darius Bashar

Children of the Sun

Shamanic Retreat

Days Out of Time


Virtual Sacred Tours 

Due to travel restrictions, in 2020 our Mystical Retreats

were placed on hold, but we were not discouraged and we took

our lovely customers on virtual journeys to their chosen destinations with  the ' Mystery Doors"

series to connect to the sacred sites through astral travel and shamanic journey. 

See below for an example


        Mystery Doors

7 Online Journeys 

5 June - 17 July , 2020

6-8 pm BST 

Woman in red cloak walking away.jpg

Through shamanic journey, hands on rituals, guided meditations and secret initiations, you will connect to sacred places of the Arthurian legends, the wild energies of Middle Earth and the frequency of the Stone Circles. 

Embrace magic and wonder, step through the veil of Avalon… and bring the magic home with you!

Welcome to our first virtual Mystical Journey

on the footsteps of Merlin and Morgaine Le Fey

 Whether you are preparing to join us in Avalon in flesh and bones

or want to connect in the spirit world

the experience will reignite the magic within you!!

Friday June 5

 Casting the sacred cloak

 The Sisterhood of Light

 Full Moon Ceremony 

On the night of the full moon we weave our sacred cloak, which will stay with us for life as a powerful protective spell. We step into the sacred circle and connect to the Sisterhood of Light, secret circle of Avalon Priestesses, before walking up to the mystical Tor to perform our Full Moon ceremony. 

Friday 12 June 

Sacred Waters

Sensual Alchemy

 Pan and the Goddess 

Journey deep into your inner world, find the door to the magical realm of the Chalice Well and the White Spring, and drink of their sacred waters, balancing the masculine and the feminine within and reactivating the ley lines of Avalon in you.  


Sunday 21 June 

Stonehenge and the Portal of Light 

Summer Solstice Ceremony

 The Sacred Grove  

On Summer Solstice enter the Circle of Power at Stonehenge, channel the Light from the universe and broadcast it onto the land, the water and the fairy world….


Friday 26 June 

 The Chamber of Angels 

Spiral Spells 

The Crystal Cave

Up and up you go through the spiral, into the Chamber of Angels, to read from the scroll of destiny and expand your vision. Down and down you go through the spiral, into the Crystal Cave, to retrieve the treasures of your heart.


Friday  3 July 

Deep Magic 

Morgaine Le Fay 

The cauldron of dreams 

Gather your wits and dive deep within to meet the witch that you once were, build a bridge and bring her in, to help you  retrieve your own magic. 


Friday 10 July

 Star Tales 

Crop Circle Activation 

Ancient Symbols 

Over the land we walk, feeling the rhythm of the earth, breathing the wind, hearing the hawks, all the way to the ancestors cove. Open the gate to the Star Folks, activate sacred symbols within your blood. 


Friday 17 July

 The Merlin Legacy 

Raven Speaks 

Spirit Roadmaps 

On our last journey through Avalon we meet Merlin down at the Druid’s village, for an evening of oracle and spirit mead, to get guidance for our magical path moving forward.  

The Journey


Lifting the Veil 


7 Recorded Online Journeys

Full Moon Ritual

 Secret Initiations

 Shamanic Journeys 

Summer Solstice Ceremony

Avalon Healing 

Spell Weaving Workshop 

Oracle Reading 



By 29 May 

Only £120 

After 29 May £145 

Pointed Witch Hat

Fairytale Price

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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