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" Cinzia's gentle and compassionate nature means relaxing with her is very easy. Her ability to connect with the ancient energies is tangible, and her commitment to delivering the messages I needed, authentically, from the session is deeply appreciated. I always leave glowing & feeling like I've had a huge cosmic hug!" Andrea, UK 


Connect to your Spirit Guides

Receive Guidance

Healing and Empowerment 

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Shamanic Healing is a deeply transformative practice that helps you regain inner strength, balance and trust. It promotes overall health, helps you find direction in life and provides guidance on your spiritual path. My shamanic Healing sessions include an assessment of your energy field, an energetic cleanse and rebalancing,  shamanic healing and spirit guidance. During the shamanic healing session I guide you into a state of relaxation, then I channel messages from Spirit and the healing begins.  Drawing on 20 years experience in Mexican and Celtic shamanism, I use the voice, the drums, psychic channeling and ancient rituals to produce safe and effective results for your healing and transformation.  After the sessions you can ask questions and then you receive further guidance and personalised practices to support you moving forward. The session ends with a spirit blessing. Sessions take place online, in person or remotely.  

Shamanic Healing 

"My daughter and I had a session in Tulum with Cinzia last week . She has the kindest most authentic energy I have ever encountered. Cinzia did not ask either of us questions about our lives prior to the healing session and yet for both of us the healing was completely in alignment and resonated with our lives and experiences. Our healing sessions although scheduled back to back were completely different and individualised, I was amazed at Cinzia's deep intuition and ability to connect with our soul without words. Cinzia conducted the session in such a loving way, spoke eloquently about the healing and gave post healing suggestions. I could not have been more impressed with level of skill and professionalism of our experience. I highly recommend Ixchel Healing Arts and Cinzia." Colleen, USA 

"Cinzia immediately was able to see what was troubling me even before I told her about my ailment. She has an innate ability to go right to the source of any disease or illness and heal on many levels. She was able to remove the energetic cause of my pain within my body, then work on circulating and filling the wound with my life force energy to support and protect the continued healing my body needed. Then finally she gave me invaluable verbal advice on how to prevent the pain returning and live a healthier life. I can only recommend Cinzia most highly to anyone seeking healing on any level." Simon, Yeekame Health, Britain.

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Focused Intention Technique

I first came across F.I.T. while struggling with PTSD. Nothing seemed to work , I was stuck in a place of disempowerment, exhaustion and confusion. F.I.T. made a difference from the very first session, I felt lighter and clear and for the first time in a year I knew I had the power to get my life back on course. I was so impressed that by the end of the treatment  I decided to train as a F.I.T. practitioner and now I use the method to help others restore emotional balance.

F.I.T.  directs you faster to your goals

Release old beliefs

Restore Emotional Balance 

Young woman meditating with her eyes closed, practicing Yoga with hands in prayer position

F.I.T. ( Focused Intention Technique) is a neuroscience method that helps you overcome trauma and restore emotional balance. F.I.T.  directs you faster to your goals by restoring the spark and the courage to take leaps of faith. 

With a simple, highly effective  and fully guided 11 steps process, F.I.T helps you transform limiting beliefs and awaken your innate resources to live a clear, vital and joyful life.  At the end of each session you can expect to feel light, clear and positive about your life and the world at large. 

Sessions take place online and you are provided with notes afterwards. 
F.I.T. works in cycles and it initially requires a minimum of three consecutive sessions . The first session lasts 1 hour and the other 2 last 30 minutes  each. 
Today you'll pay for a package of 3 initial sessions. When you book the first session, you automatically reserve two more sessions, one each day. The time of the second and third session can be arranged directly with me. 
After the first 3 sessions, you can have single booster sessions when you need or buy a monthly membership and have 3 booster sessions a month at great value. 
And if you're ready for the ultimate life change, the

21 Days Transformational Package really makes a difference in systematically clearing out old standing blocks and reclaiming sovereignty over your life. 
The package includes 1 hour session the first day +  30 minutes daily sessions for the rest of the 20 days. The 21 days have to be consecutive, so you make a commitment with yourself to show up for 30 minutes every day for 21 days to transform your life forever. Sessions take place  online and you are provided with notes afterwards. Sessions can be arranged early in the morning or after office hours at no additional cost. 
Once you place the booking for the first session, you arrange the time of the remaining sessions directly with me. The 21 Days Transformational Package is exceptional value and it puts you in the fast lane of transformation. 

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Be Aligned with the Earth 

"I highly recommend a Causal Realignment with Cinzia. I felt safe and supported all along. The session had a cathartic effect on me, I went back to a time in my early years  when I needed help, I received what I needed and it felt very much like a rebirth.  I felt a great sense of freedom and happiness and I had tears of joy coming down my face. After the session Cinzia gave me valuable advice on how to look after myself better. I found the  session was very profound and, exactly as Cinzia had predicted, it took me three days to integrate the healing. I certainly recommend her as a caring , trustworthy therapist, all her wisdom and knowledge comes out when she works. I can't wait for my next session! "
Ettore, Italy
“ I had two Causal Realignment sessions with Cinzia over a period of a few weeks. I was already  familiar with Cinzia’s work so I know how deep and powerful her skills as a healer are. During the first session I simply laid down and close my eyes while she worked. After the session Cinzia shared about the work that took place, what she’d seen and gave me some amazing feedback .
I learned how important my feelings are and that they serve an important purpose. I also received other valuable advice on my personal life. 
The second session was more interactive, I could feel what she was working on and I had a vision of something involving my relationships. After the session I found out that she had seen exactly the same thing as me. This vision was very important to me and has since helped me to open up, heal aspects of myself and align with the being that I call “the totality of myself”. It’s hard to put into words the significance and magic of the journey I’ve been on thanks to Cinzia’s work, which is helping me to integrate my life and spiritual path in the most profound ways. I highly recommend at least two or three sessions with Cinzia, either with the Causal Realignment or any other of her healing modalities.  She is the real deal when it comes to letting her Innate gifts shine through. Cinzia offers profound healing on many levels. “ Simon, Tulum 

Causal Realignment 


Causal Realignment brings the physical, astral, mental and causal body  into perfect balance with one another and with the earth's magnetic  field so you can align with your path and your place in the world. This occurs through a gentle and harmonious alignment, using a very high quality Herkimer diamond pendulum custom made by hand, specifically for the session.  
The Causal Realignment  helps repair holes and tears in the different layers of the aura and balances each major and minor chakra. It strengthens the connection to the higher self and empowers you to reach your full potential. The causal realignment takes place in person but here you can book a remote session called Strengthening Causal where I tune into you remotely , identify areas that need balancing and work with the Causal pendulum and my spirit guides to restore balance in your energy field and in your life. You need to be lying down during the session and you can also be asleep, so the session can be scheduled at night, which is great especially if we are in different time zones.  
The Strengthening Causal lasts about 45 minutes and afterwards you receive a detailed report of the areas that were rebalanced, as well as insights and guidance from the spirit world. 

For best results it is recommended to have 3 sessions,  at least 9 days apart , however only 1 session will help you feel renewed and will provide much useful guidance. 
The Causal Body is the link to your Higher Self and the Higher planes of Divine Consciousness. While other layers of your aura die with the physical body, the causal body is eternal and travels with your soul. It is your personal akashic record for all lifetimes.

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