A Journey of Community

My journey with Ixchel Healing Arts began in the jungle of Yucatan where i lived and worked alongside traditional Mayan healers, social & environmental activists and spiritual leaders. What brought me to this small corner of the world, so far from home? I've been practicing and learning vibrational healing methods, herbal medicine and shamanic practices since the year 2000. I trained extensively with Mexican shamanic teachers from the Toltec tradition and I've been teaching others for over 10 years. 

I have a background in social activism and permaculture design and teaching and living in nature off the beaten track had been my dream for many years.

When I moved from London into the jungle, guided only by dreams and visions, It felt like coming home.

Some years and many extraordinary experiences later, I am living my dream and sharing what i learned with those who are seeking a deeper connection to spirit, to nature and to one's own soul.

But Ixchel Healing Arts is not about me, in fact it's a project that was born in the heart of the Mayan territory to protect and nourish the communities that are part of it. Ixchel Healing Arts is made of other amazing teachers and practitioners of healing and earth practices.

It build bridges with other cultures and offers an alternative to the current tourist industry that hinders the potential for social and environmental justice.

The services we offer actively support and nourish local indigenous projects and people. 

So spread the word and help us plant more seeds of hope, life and community.

Ixchel Healing Arts

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