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Cinzia Sarigu 

Ceremonialist, healer and teacher


Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Cinzia and I'm a ceremonialist, healer and teacher.

I was born in Sardinia, moved to England in 1995 and since then I have trained in the UK, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala.  I've been an activist and social justice advocate since I was in high school and over the years I've trained in the field of permaculture, teaching and community building.  Alongside my passion for social and environmental restoration, I cultivated a strong connection to Spirit. My shamanic practice evolved over the course of many years from direct experience, mostly with indigenous teachers and through night dreams.


A a child I used to have prophetic dreams and see the spirit of the departed but as it happens to many highly sensitive people, growing up I tried to suppress my gifts and I started suffering from depression, until in the year 2000 I had a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening which changed the course of my life. That same year I decided to study massage and aromatherapy, started practicing Reiki and in 2001 I travelled to Mexico where I began an intense training with the Toltec teachers. I learned then that I was a dreamer, I began to understand my experiences in the spirit world and I started channelling information from Star Beings that made no sense at the time but years later turned out to be accurate teachings in Mayan cosmology.  My path seemed to unfold as if by magic, teachers and spiritual experiences fell on my lap without me looking for them, guided by an invisible hand that gently pushed me deeper and deeper into the healing arts.  

Being on a spiritual path isn't always easy, it took me years to overcome doubt, to unschool myself from the belief system I was born into, which many times led me to question whether I was going mad. 

In 2009 I fell ill with an invisible illness and had to step back from my work and the shamanic training.

By then I was a mother of two, going through a financial crisis and it felt like the world was closing in. Although the medical tests were not detecting what was wrong with me, I was weaker and weaker everyday and it felt like I was fading away. None of my spiritual tools and prayers seemed to work and I was losing hope, but then a friend recommended a seer who practiced shamanic healing in London. The man identified straight away that the nature of my illness had roots in the remote past, beyond this lifetime so I embarked on and intense ancestral healing journey and after a year I was back on my feet, had developed farther with my shamanic practice, and most importantly, I had finally accepted my psychic abilities, healing gifts and ultimately my path in this lifetime...

Ixchel Healing Arts was born in the Yucatan, inspired by Ixchel, the mayan Goddess of healing, when I worked with mayan communities in the most remote areas in the region. The experience was life changing and it helped me to finally merge my work for the Earth with my spiritual practice, or as the Mayans say, to bring together the heart or the sky and the heart of the earth. Some time later I was called to Guatemala to be initiated as a time keeper and fire priestess of the Mayan tradition.  In 2014 I opened a healing centre & permaculture hub in Tulum where I offered my services to locals  and travellers alike. I continued working with the Mayan communities and was involved in the creation of the Consorcio Ecoturistico de la Zona Maya, as well as educational programs for children, small scale fair trade schemes, traditional Mayan clinics, empowering programs for women, land sovereignty campaigns and more.  In 2014 I also travelled to Canada for the first time, invited by two extraordinary dreamers that I met in the Mexican desert. With them I learned more about dreamwork, communicating with the spirit of the land and the art of ceremony. I return to Canada regularly where I am honoured to work alongside many gifted friends.

  In recent years I returned to Sardinia and dived deep into the mythology and spiritual tradition of my ancestors. 

Nowadays I teach shamanic courses in English, Italian and Spanish, online and in person in different countries.

I also lead retreats around the world and offer private consultations to facilitate healing, provide guidance and help people create personalised practices for a deep connection to spirit, to nature and to their unique medicine path. 

My latest community project is Children of the Sun, an educational program for the children of a mayan village. 


In my shamanic practice I specialise in:





Mayan cosmology

Toltec practices

Shamanic healing

Mayan Star medicine 

Establishing boundaries 

Soul retrieval


Spiritual mentorship 

Lifestyle changes 

Rites of passage


Psychic readings

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I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey and I look forward to hearing your story !

Many blessings on your path


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