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Cinzia Sarigu 


Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Cinzia and I'm from Sardinia.

My spiritual path began in the year 2000 when I "accidentally" walked into a crop circle and had a sudden, unexpected spiritual awakening. Since then, guided by spirit, I travelled and learned the  healing arts from different traditions. A natural born dreamer, as a child I used to see and speak to the ones in spirit, and always had a strong sense of the sacred.  I have a background in social and environmental  activism and permaculture design,  I lived in England for most of my adult life , where I am blessed with a very strong connection to the land and spiritual energies of Avalon and Avebury.  Guided by dreams, I travelled to Mexico where I trained with Toltec teachers and Mayan wisdom keepers, and to Canada where I learned with shamanic teachers. 

Ixchel Healing Arts was inspired by the mayan Goddess Ixchel  in the jungle of the Yucatan when I worked alongside traditional Mayan healers, environmental activists and spiritual leaders. Over the years I learned the healing arts, ceremonial arts and shamanic practices.

I am good at bringing people together and I love teaching.

My healing and teaching practice is grounded in Mexican and North American shamanism, and I am an initiated mayan time keeper.  The foundation of my work comes from a lifelong deep connection to nature and to the spirit world. My latest project is Children of the Sun, a pre-hispanic educational program for the children of a mayan village in Chiapas, Mexico. You can read about it and get involved here


In my shamanic practice I specialise in:


Earth and Star ceremonies

Traditional Mayan Ceremonies

Shamanic healing

Psychic readings 

Mayan calendar readings 

I also lead mystical journeys and retreats where I facilitate a deeper connection to spirit, to nature and to one's own unique medicine path. 

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Many blessings on your path

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