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Focused Intention Technique

Release old beliefs

Restore Emotional Balance

F.I.T. ( Focused Intention Technique) is a neuroscience method that helps you overcome trauma and restore emotional balance. F.I.T.  directs you faster to your goals by restoring the spark and the courage to take leaps of faith. 

With a simple, highly effective  and fully guided 11 steps process, F.I.T helps you transform limiting beliefs and awaken your innate resources to live a clear, vital and joyful life.  At the end of each session you can expect to feel light, clear and positive about your life and the world at large. 

Sessions take place online and you are provided with notes afterwards. 
F.I.T. works in cycles and it initially requires a minimum of three consecutive sessions . The first session lasts 1 hour and the other 2 last 30 minutes  each. 
Today you'll pay for a package of 3 initial sessions. When you book the first session, you automatically reserve two more sessions, one each day. The time of the second and third session can be arranged directly with me. 
After the first 3 sessions, you can have single booster sessions when you need or buy a monthly membership and have 3 booster sessions a month at great value. 
And if you're ready for the ultimate life change, the

21 Days Transformational Package really makes a difference in systematically clearing out old standing blocks and reclaiming sovereignty over your life. 
The package includes 1 hour session the first day +  30 minutes daily sessions for the rest of the 20 days. The 21 days have to be consecutive, so you make a commitment with yourself to show up for 30 minutes every day for 21 days to transform your life forever. Sessions take place  online and you are provided with notes afterwards. Sessions can be arranged early in the morning or after office hours at no additional cost. 
Once you place the booking for the first session, you arrange the time of the remaining sessions directly with me. The 21 Days Transformational Package is exceptional value and it puts you in the fast lane of transformation. 

My Story

I first came across F.I.T. while struggling with PTSD. Nothing seemed to work , I was stuck in a place of disempowerment, exhaustion and confusion. F.I.T. made a difference from the very first session, I felt lighter and clear and for the first time in a year I knew I had the power to get my life back on course. I was so impressed that by the end of the treatment  I decided to train as a F.I.T. practitioner and now I use the method to help others restore emotional balance.


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