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Black Jaguar Ritual - mp3

Black Jaguar Ritual - mp3

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Black Jaguar is a shamanic ritual for New Moon nights to  reignite your inner power.

The ritual takes you on a guided shamanic meditation through the mayan jungle to follow the black jaguar all the way into an ancient pyramid, to meet the Goddess Ixchel and be transmuted from within.

The ritual evolves into shamanic drumming to journey to the spirit world and receive messages directly from Ixchel, Jaguar Goddess of the moon, healing and rebirth.


The ritual helps you learn about black jaguar medicine, it helps you relax, go within, release the past and prepare for the new moon cycle while exploring a magical landscape and receiving healing and guidance. 

The ritual unfolds across a soundscape of licensed and original music while

my voice guides you and the drum takes you on a journey into the spirit world. 


The ritual is recorded as an mp3 which you can download and keep for life, so you can revisit Black Jaguar for many moons to come. 


The shamanic ritual helps you relax and have a beautiful sensorial experience while facilitating personal healing, receiving insights and learning more about yourself. It can also provide guidance and help you find answers to your questions. 

The Shamanic journey helps you receive  messages directly from spirit while clearing the pathways of your soul and activating uplifting frequencies in your mind and physical body.  If you need expert shamanic advice about your experience with the ritual get in touch.


The mp3 includes: 

  • Breathing exercise
  • Greeting of the Ancestors 
  • Black Jaguar Shamanic Ritual
  • Goddess Ixchel Blessing
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Licensed and original music 
  • Shamanic drumming


How to prepare for the meditation :

  • Create a comfortable space where you can relax without being interrupted
  • It's best to do the ritual when you have time an don't have to rush afterwards
  • Have pen and paper nearby to take notes after the meditation, you never know you may have received a very important message from spirit ! 
  • Switch off or silence any device and all notifications that might distract you
  • You can sit or lie down, whichever way is more comfortable for you
  • Using headphones helps you to unplug from the outside world and enhances the experience of meditation. 
  • You can burn some incense if you wish and have any sacred objects and crystals nearby


When you are ready  start the mp3 recording, close your eyes and let yourself be transported by the voice and the music. 


When the ritual is complete it is recommended to take 10-20 minutes to adjust to the world outside, to help your senses and your energy have a smooth and gentle integration process. 

Please drink plenty of water after the ritual to release any toxins that may have shifted. 


Black Jaguar is a shamanic ritual simple in form but powerful in essence.

It provides healing, clearing, alignment and can induce a gentle and natural higher state of consciousness. 


I hope you enjoy Black Jaguar Ritual, you can find more shamanic meditations on my website where you also find shamanic healing, courses, retreats and more. 


May the Goddess be with you



  • Specifications & License

    MP3 audio

    84.3 MB

    35 minutes 

    Licensed music : 

    Rainbow by Ankori & Ramon

    Handpanophone by David Charrier

    Sound mix by Carlo Figus

    Rattle sounds by Cinzia Sarigu @ Ixchel Healing Arts

    Jaguar sounds by  Cinzia Sarigu @ Ixchel Healing Arts

    Shamanic drumming by Cinzia Sarigu @ Ixchel Healing Arts

    Voice by Cinzia Sarigu @ Ixchel Healing Arts 

    All rights reserved to Ixchel Healing Arts


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