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Mayan Calendar 2023

Mayan Calendar 2023

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The Mayan Calendars are living systems still utilised today by people across the mayan nations and around the world.
Mayan Time Keeping is a sacred science that the Great Creators left us to track the natural cycles, remember our role in the web of life and be guardians of our beautiful planet. The Mayan Calendar Cholq'ij 2023 brings to you the original Lunar and Solar Calendars , sacred tools little understood outside of the mayan world. These two cycles have been integrated, for your convenience, into the Gregorian calendar, so you have a full 12 months calendar, February 2023-February 2024 which is Mayan New Year. You can easily track the movement of mayan time keeping, learn from this ancient, extraordinary tool, and introduce wonder into your life.
The Mayan Calendar Cholq'ij is a fundraiser for The Children of the Sun , a grass root educational project for the mayan children of a village in Chiapas.
In these pages you will find :
12 months calendar
Mayan Lunar Calendar
Mayan Solar Calendar
The Guardians of each day and their wisdom
Meditation to connect to the Guardians
How the Mayan Calendar works and how to use it
The Mayan New Year
The " Days out of Time" and the Carrier of the year
Original images from the mayan world
Intro to the Children of the Sun project you support with your purchase
Contacts for booking your personal mayan calendar reading

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