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Causal Realignment

Remote Strengthening Causal

  • 45 min
  • 50 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Causal Realignment brings the physical, astral, mental and causal body into perfect balance with one other and with the earth's magnetic field. This occurs through a gentle and harmonious alignment, using a very high quality Herkimer diamond pendulum custom made by hand, specifically for the session. The Causal Realignment helps repair holes and tears in the different layers of the aura and balances each major and minor chakra. It increases our love of self and others, removes negativity and balances attitudes and emotions. It strengthens the connection to the higher self and empowers you to reach your full potential. The causal realignment takes place in person so get in touch to find out if I'm going to be in a location near you. On this page you can book a Strengthening Causal which is a session where I tune into you remotely , identify areas that need balancing and work with the Causal pendulum and my spirit guides to restore balance in you and in your life. You need to be lying down during the session and you can also be asleep, so it can be scheduled at night if you're in a different time zone. The Strengthening Causal lasts about 45 minutes and you receive a detailed report of the areas that were rebalanced, as well as insights and guidance from the spirit world. For best results it is recommended to have 3 sessions, at least 9 days apart , however only 1 session will help you feel renewed and will provide much useful guidance. The Causal Body is the link to your Higher Self and the Higher planes of Divine Consciousness. While other layers of your aura die with the physical body, the causal body is eternal and travels with your soul. It is your personal akashic record for all lifetimes.

Cancellation Policy

Online courses : Due to the nature of these services, a refund is not possible. Private Sessions: Up to 31 days before the session 80% refund Up to 14 days before the session 50% refund Up to 7 days before the session 30% of the total price is refunded Less than a week prior to the session no refund. Workshops/ceremonies : Deposit not refundable Up to 31 days before the event 80% refund Up to 14 days before the event 50% refund Up to 7 days prior the event 30% refund Less than a week no refund Retreats Deposit not refundable Up to three months in advance 75% refund Up to two months in advance 50% refund Up to 31 days in advance 20% refund Less than a month no refund

Contact Details

+44 7925480876

14 Merchland Road, London SE9 2BH, UK

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