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Sing to the Water


By Swift Raven

This Spring the Abuelos Mexica spoke of 2016 being " The first year of the great purification".

They will do ceremony at regular intervals for the next three years, to mitigate the very strong winds and heavy rains that they say are coming.

In the month of the Big Fire that consumed the sacred mountain of Tepoztlan, I had a conversation with the waterfall. We talked about water.

In the year of the great purification, the waters in the Primordial Womb are stirring, pushing, giving birth to the new Time that the Mayas call the Fifth Sun. It's the time of new ecological and social consciousness, when we join hearts and hands and create positive change in our life and in the world around us with more ease than before. Because the time is ripe.

From the depths of the collective unconscious, we are clearing and releasing the stagnant waters in our soul. We are re-birthing ourselves stronger, more humble and more fit for the work of Spirit we are being called to do.

It's an organic process that is affecting us on many levels. We are, together with Nature clearing the channels for the life force to flow to all new seeds, on the personal level and on the bigger scale.

Clearing the channels allow us to redefine our place in the world, to realize we are indeed all connected , that we are in this together and we have the chance to co-create a new reality that makes sense to our hearts and minds.

We all heard of the interconnectedness of all beings and of the illusion of separation. Now let's take this far off notion and make it real.

( No, we don't need to sit in a cave for four hundred years to be able to connect the dots )

Sometimes all it takes is slowing down and listening deeply to the voice of Nature...

"Liberate the waters" said the waterfall. The message touched deep places inside me .

I thought of the emotions that have been building up and that I suppressed for fear of feeling the pain or for sake of practicality. The waterfall reminded me that I'm part of the changes taking place on Earth and that the purification is happening right now within my very soul and in unison with everyone else.

Water is essential medicine at this time of great shift.

Water helps to brake down all barriers, emotional as well as mental and cultural, sometimes gently others with tremendous force. It's the ultimate detox.Water helps to spring clean the closet, of all negative thoughts and patterns, of old wounds that grow pale in the folds of the decades; of toxins that are stripping the body of its natural glow. Water nourishes, restores and relaxes, allowing the system to function properly.

"Liberate the waters" I repeated, while my gaze followed the flow of the river below as it curled and disappeared behind the mountain.

We are called to liberate the waters so emotions can flow without poisoning us , so that words can speak the truth without wounding each other, so that the creative energies within us can yield peace and cooperation between all nations.

To liberate the waters is a call to unity.

Water is One, from the glaciers to the ocean. Like Earth it's everywhere all the time. In the sky, underground, in our blood, day and night. In many forms, texture, taste, temperature and sound, water simply is. All she asks is to flow.

All over the world the natural flow of Gaia is being obstructed by man made structures inspired by bad policies.

There used to be abundance of springs and streams everywhere until the rivers were diverted and dammed and now the basins are running dry, most households are subject to rationing and it's becoming an ever increasing problem. People are forced to pay money to fill the cisterns on their roof. The water comes with big trucks from reservoirs far away, sucking more life force from the ecosystem. This is happening in different ways all over the world. When mankind alters and blocks the flow of water, Mother Earth runs dry and everyone suffers.

Water is alive and responds to our touch, our smile and our tears, just like Earth does, just like trees and animals do. Just like we do with one another.

In the face of this global crisis people all over the world are finding intelligent, creative solutions, raising awareness and taking responsibility for the wellbeing of water in their communities. They are Expressing gratitude, applying wise water management strategies and giving themselves proper care.

Taking responsibility means taking action while remembering that we are dealing with the Sacred.

In the year of the great purification let's take responsibility in new, fresh ways.

Let's bring down the damaging dams, in our inner life and in our communities

Let's design with everyone's wellbeing in mind ,systems that are conscious, beautiful and efficient for water to flow as it was originally conceived by Gaia, to nurture life equally and effortlessly everywhere.

Let's liberate the waters to nourish and regenerate the land, the oceans, the human soul and all life on Earth. Letting the rivers flow again through the veins of our Mother is essential to everyone's wellbeing.

Let's think, feel, dream and act for clear, healthy, abundant and free water for all.

Let's integrate the dream work with the ground work, let's bring together the shamans and the permaculturists, the earth healers and the engineers, the teachers and the farmers, the elders and the children. Let's work together, with no barriers nor prejudice because the health of the water affects the health of everything we know, on any possible level, everywhere on the planet.

I was quiet for some time, then I asked

"What can I do at this very moment to make a change?"

" Sing to the water" said the waterfall. So I did.

I invite you to take a moment to think of something, big or small that you can do right now to contribute your drop of clear consciousness to the wave of positive change taking place on Earth.

It can be something as simple as singing to the water...

Many blessings on your path

Swift Raven

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