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Creating Stability in Times of Change and Confusion ..

In 2016 I began channeling messages about the importance of working with water. This was the time when Standing Rock was calling all water protesters to action, and when the Mexican elders spoke of the New Time being carried by the Water and the Wind. At that time I wrote a post called " Sing to the water" which is still very relevant today.

In the last two years my deep journey into the sacredness of water, both physically and spiritually, has expanded and is now an integral part of how I teach, guide and heal.

Many of us are feeling the calling to connect to this primal, universal element which unites and gives life to all that exists on the planet. In a time of political unrest and ecological disintegration, water seems to be calling us home, back to the centre, to remember the most important reason for being here, which is to promote life. In a strong vision two years ago, I was floating on a raft in the middle of a choppy ocean. I was told that it was time to learn to find my balance, to find grounding while being in motion. "There will be times in the coming years when chaos and instability will reach unprecedented heights. You will have to be strong in your flexibility, in your ability to flow and adapt, to be stable in the midst of uncertainty and changes. When many aspects of your world begin to crumble, when nothing makes sense to the heart about the direction humanity is going, let go of everything you know and let the water carry you. Allow the wind to cleanse your past as you float into a lighter, more compassionate future. Trust that all is well, for all creatures have to go through the changes together with their mother, the earth. "

Messages take time to take root and give fruit in the human heart, and this year, new projects were born that are helping people find that balance and be in the flow of the changes with hope and grace. Get in touch to find out more!!!

A new awareness is born out of the chaos and destruction that we are seeing on the planet. More and more individuals and groups are standing up and joining hands to protect life, to protect what we inherently know as sacred. It's inspiring and invites to give our contribution. So I invite you to trust and find your balance by cultivating a practice that is good for your heart. Spend less time on FB ( like I do) and more time relating to friends, family and nature in the physical world. Go for a walk everyday, sit in a garden, meditate, pray, sing, join a local group who is making a difference in someone's life. You are part of this, take your rightful place in the beautiful healing of our wounded times. Connect, connect, connect. Learn from the water who bonds everything together to constantly create new patterns, forests, beauty, life...

If you seek Healing Guidance Learning Spiritual Adventure Get in touch, we are here to help!

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